Bars for early risers

Elizabeth Connolly asks:

Any bars around Fenway open early on Saturdays? I'm talking like 9:30/10. Alcohol service is required.




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I was just walking by the Pour House today and thought it was sad that I haven't been in there in a while.

As for the main topic, find out which bars host the supporters of English (or in the case of Celtic FC Scottish) soccer teams and go there. Of course, that is assuming you can tolerate soccer.


The one thread where I would expect a bunch of anons...

Do what I do...stay home and drink. Alone.

This would have been a job for

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the long defunct PJ Kilroy's. Cheap cheap beers and local drunks-the perfect place to get hammered by noontime. RIP, old friend, I still miss you to this day.

The first completely

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The first completely reasonable explanation that comes to my mind is poster works nights. I always got weird looks picking up a fifth of whiskey at 9am when I worked 12am-8am but 9am was my drinking time.

Night shift workers celebrate, too

When my niece, an ER nurse, left the job where she worked graveyard, they all went out to brunch after work to wish her well.

Not much different that other workers taking their coworkers out for a beer - just at 9 or 10 am instead of 7 pm.

Yep. Nothing like heading

Yep. Nothing like heading home after the after shift breakfast smelling like beer. Ah, those were the days.

I have to say I do miss working graveyard sometimes.

probably working a night shift

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I have a neighbor who works ER night shift - gets off sometime around 8 or 9 am... I dunno - if I had a rough day at work I'd probably want to grab a beer...

who cares

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Judgy McJudgerson

P.S. there was an event at Fenway this morning that might call for celebrations after. Something about Run Home to Fenway , but i think i have the name wrong.