Bars showing Game of Thrones

Jason Richardson asks:

Any word if local bars are viewing Game of Thrones tonight? Or all season?


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Phantom of the Opera at Trinity Church


Depends on the bar

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Bars down in otherwise less traveled areas like near the Garden on a non-game night might make it a hosting event, I've seen places like The Greatest Bar do it for MasterChef which had two Boston locals as well as like video game nights. I imagine people coming in would drink and be quiet enough to enjoy the show.

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Not just for the hearing impaired. Most places don't think to turn them on, however.

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In case you don't find a bar

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In case you don't find a bar for the show, HBO is having a free preview weekend with a lot of cable providers. So if you're in the mix, your living room bar might be another option:

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HBO frowns on such viewing parties. So, if locales are posted publicly, they may find themselves in trouble with the cable company.

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The Hound

The Hound is sent to the locale to straighten out the situation.

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