Bars showing the State of the Union address

Michael Ratty asks:

Any Boston bars showing the State of the Union tomorrow night, esp. in Kenmore area?




Some answers via Twitter

Ever Watch Wrestling?

It's a bit different now, but back when Will was a lad on the farm, the WWF and lower rungs used to have clear lines between the good guys (Hulk Hogan, Lou Albano) and bad guys (Iron Shiek, Nikolai Volkoff.) One might ask, why would someone want to play the bad guy? The answer is that they enjoyed the boos, as it was a mark of fame.

Maybe Will wants to be the Iron Shiek. Maybe he liked Stone Cold Steve Austin before the fans did. Maybe his favorite movie is They Live not because of Shepard Fairey's use of the imagery from the film but due to his love of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. In any event, Will is an entertainer, and if the fame of being the hated guy on the board does it for him, it does. If so, and if people start ignoring him, it will affect him. If in fact he thinks what he writes, it is his opinion, no different than anyone else, and again, he can be ignored.


Rather watch metal rust..

The only thing that would make it worth watching is if the bartender passed out a free round of drinks each time Obama told a lie. What a drunk that would be! Other than that, I'd rather watch metal rust...


what if you don't have a TV?

Many people don't have TVs anymore (because they watch things off the internet) - and sometimes it's nice to watch live events in a social setting. State of the union is actually something I'd prefer watching with at least one other person so we can have a discussion.



C-SPAN is the absolute best way to watch anything like that. There's no stupid commentary from the network hosts, and you get to see the entire uninterrupted event from before it even starts until even after it's over. It's sometimes fun to watch what people do in the room when the other network feeds have ended and they assume all the cameras have been turned off!