Boston bicycling caps

CreatineAvenger wonders:

Anybody know where to get boston cycling caps?



still good for cool or rainy rides

With modern helmets it is a quick adjust to fit the helmet with or without a cap. I always have a few kicking around; they are good for rides when it is raining so that you can keep your head up a bit more to see the road ahead or when it is a bit cool out.


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My answer to staying warm on a bike or anywhere else. Pricey gear but it's well made and lasts damn near forever and it is so warm. Plus the folks at the Newbury Street store are always great. Check the Fausto Coppi hat--classic bike cap but wool with a flap that folds down to cover your ears.

Harpoon Brewery

Seriously - they stock bikewear. They might have some caps in the store (although none listed on the web, possibly due to the season). They tend to have several different designs of jerseys.

Urban Adventours has Boston-themed bike merch as well.

Urban Adventours definitely

Urban Adventours definitely has Boston-themed cycling gear, but after having multiple terrible experiences with the owner (and an employee friend being treated nearly as slave labor), I've decided they don't deserve any of my money.

Helmet head

Helmet head.

Also, they are also compact, rolling up neatly into a pannier or a pocket when riding to, say, a summer concert.

Sun protection

It's too cold to wear that particular style on the road right now, but in summer I've worn caps like that under my helmet to keep from getting sunburned spots on my bald head through the vents in my helmet. The flip-down bill is a bonus when riding into the sun.