Boston softball leagues

A friend asks:

Thinking of joining a softball league anyone with any recommendations or need a talented outfielder!



Some answers via Twitter

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I've done coed Sunday leagues the past 2 summers and am in a MWF now. Always a great time, and they offer different skills levels, as well as men's/women's only leagues. May be too late to sign up for summer leagues now, but thy do fall frostbite and indoor winter as well.

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I play in three different leagues. I might be able to hook you up.

Fast-pitch? Modified? Arc? Weeknights or weekends? Men's league? Co-Ed? Women's? Any particular city or town? What's your most recent skill level; that is, have you played on a high level recently, or did you play baseball in high school or college, etc.? The more detail, the easier I might find you a place.

If you wish to reply privately, e-mail me at [email protected]


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Alternative to BSSC

BSSC is very popular but I hear from a coworker that they play musical chairs with the game locations. Apparently they play the games at a different place every time...rotating locations that include fields out in the 'burbs that make it hard for people taking the T....that did sound weird to me; I thought they just played in town.

There's a smaller league named called Boston Braves Softball that hasn't been sued (yet?) by MLB and apparently plays all its games on one field in Boston.

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