Bumper disposal

Elizabeth wonders:

Anyone know how I can dispose of a wrecked car bumper in Boston? Trash won't pick it up, no idea where else to go.



Space Saver

Getting on here to say the same thing....

Seriously, though, I pretty much thought that Boston would take anything. You might have call the city to do a special pickup. Call the Mayor's Hotline.

Call it "art", write a pseudo

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Call it "art", write a pseudo-intellectual narrative, take a photo of yourself wearing glasses and a black turtleneck, and some rich guy will buy it.

Auto body shop

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You might have to pay them a nominal fee but every body shop has a dumpster for wrecked parts. Or, find a construction site with a huge dumpster and ask if they'd mind if you tossed it in. If all else fails, leave it on the side of the road, take a picture and complain to Citizen's Connect!

It's probably plastic!!

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When was the last time you saw a metal bumper on a car? Our 1987 model had metal bumpers, and hardly anything else on the road had them even then.

Just call a junk collector

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Not to buzz market, but try calling 1-800-GOT-JUNK. They'll take it away for a fee. I had to have some stuff related to a recent window replacement (the old windows, some molding and a bag of related debris -plasterboard, etc) hauled away yesterday and it was taken withing three hours of calling.