Drenched CharlieCard

Ben Chan asks:

My Charliecard went through the washing machine. Any idea if it's still durable and good to continue to use?



jesus christ

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Posting to Twitter instead of just trying it at a turnstile? Really?

Gee, asking for advice

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Gee, asking for advice instead of tying up a (possibly nonexistent) customer service rep at a station?

who said

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who said you needed to ask someone.. you can find out just by swiping your card. Does it work? If Yes, no problem. Don't work? Looks like you're going to the Charlie Card store.

Nope, I have no connection to

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Nope, I have no connection to customer service, but what's the harm in asking for advice? And MBTA customer service is iffy, at best.

Knowing what you are facing before you go to the station or jump on the bus prepares you for the hassles you might face.

I haven't a problem with

I haven't a problem with someone asking for advice. I just found your statement that asking a customer service rep to do her job was "tying them up" to be silly. And by the way, one can have no connection to customer service and work in customer service.

How about "tying them up when

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How about "tying them up when they could be helping someone else"? I don't expect a lot of customer service from on-site reps, so maybe I was being a bit flip about their helpfulness.

unpleasant surprise

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There is no way I want to find out my card doesn't work anymore than on a weekday morning, trying to get onto a crowded bus, or god forbid, the green line. Not every stop has someone who can fix it for you...

I found one in a dryer, all

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I found one in a dryer, all bent and mangled. It worked fine...even still had $20 on it.

I just had that happen to a

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I just had that happen to a $20 bill , came out all clean and folded. Worked fine at the store too.But if it were a credit or Charlie card , I'd just petition for a new one , to avoid any distress , real or imagined.

Considering that

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You can dissolve your Charlie Card in acetone, take out the antenna, and put it in your iPhone (really), I'm going to go out on a limb and say that laundry detergent won't do much harm.