Events space downtown for 75 to 100 people

Alice asks:

Can anyone recommend a rad events space in downtown Boston? Can be restaurant, hotel, etc. For about 75-100 people.




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Not downtown, but the Artists

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Not downtown, but the Artists For Humanity Center by the Gillette Plant is close and awesome.


Not sure if it's rad.

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But the BPL rents out the reading room for dinners, weddings etc. (and there are some nice adjoining spaces nearby I'm guessing they use for band/DJ dancing). Maybe not rad - but pretty cool place for a party if you have the people and the budget. I think they have other smaller spaces as well - and the fee goes to a good cause instead of somebody's personal pocket - the library!

Revere Hotel

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They have a huge open space (Space 57) and a giant theater-like room with a stage. Friendly staff and decent food as well. Not sure what the cost is, but worth checking out,

Lots of options

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Try checking a wedding website like The Knot or pick up a copy of Boston Weddings. The first event spaces that come to mind are 9ofs, the Boston College Club at the top of the Bank of America building, and maybe Bond at the Langham if you aren't offering dining. Many of the downtown hotels like the Omni Parker House, Revere Hotel and W Hotel have smaller ballrooms or conference spaces you can rent. I do agree with the other commenter that Artists for Humanity Epicenter is an excellent nearby option just a 5 minute walk from Broadway stop and the money paid as a rental fee helps sustain art programs for kids.


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Cyclorama does private events--two friends had a wedding there last year. Fun space!