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Cory asks:

I need a piece of art (8×10 watercolor) framed, anyone have a place they love in Boston?



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I'll second. We had some

I'll second. We had some pictures framed there and they did excellent work. Also agree on the food options on that block as well, especially Banh Mi Ngon which is a hidden gem.

Around the Corner Framing !!!!!

Owner Amanda Accardi is an artist herself, and she puts A LOT of thought and inspiration into her recommendations! Seriously, she took care of some prints and drawings I have a few years ago and she made them look better than they actually are.
I cannot rave enough. They do a GREAT job.
Furthermore, her frames are well made and the matting is as good as the frames.

the best-- my wife uses them

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the best-- my wife uses them for everything, from small worthless paintings around our house to valuable pieces of art collecting (and ICA benefacting) clients

Fort Point Framers

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I love this little shop. Basement level of the Fort Point Artists lofts at 300 Summer St. My wife and I have gotten a dozen or so pieces framed and/or mounted there and we really love the work.

Seconded!! These guys are

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Seconded!! These guys are fantastic, and so nice to work with. I've had many things framed there.

West Roxbury Framers

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Wholeheartedly recommend them. Used them twice - spoke with owner (Moses?) the first time and I think I dealt with his son the second time. Used their branch at Copley framing on Huntington to pick up which is closer to my house. VERY satisfied with the work.

I've always gotten good

I've always gotten good results from the frame shop at Packard's Corner (on the right as you drive into Allston). Forget the name and actually have no idea if it's still open because I haven't been there in years. In Arlington, the place at the corner of Mass Ave and Park Ave did good work for me, too.

I believe the Packard's

I believe the Packard's Corner frame shop has been a tanning salon for several years now.

I've had good results having large pieces of embroidery framed at the Fast Frame branch in Washington Square.

That shop is closed, but the

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That shop is closed, but the framer that worked there opened her own place, the Artful Edge on Harvard Ave. in Allston, that was recommended above.

Jameson and Thompson

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at 15 Greenview Avenue in JP. They're a bit pricey and I save them for my better stuff, but truly excellent work both in choosing the material and method, but also in execution.