Good place for dinner near the Berklee Performance Center

Todd Glaskin asks:

Need a recommendation for a good dinner place tomorrow within walking distance to Berklee Performance Center.




Some answers via Twitter

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Put up a post about the

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Put up a post about the mountain lion sighting in Winchester MA!


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Good eats near Berklee Performance Center

Cheap: Pho Basil (Thai and Vietnamese), Caffe Jaffa (Israeli), Woody's (wood-fired pizza), Ichiban (Japanese), Chacarero (Chilean).

Mid-range: Estelle's (Southern USA), Five Horses Tavern (American / pub), Petit Robert Bistro S. End (French), Anchovies (old-school Italian-American).

Fine dining: Asta (tasting menu New French/American), Brasserie Jo (Alsatian/French), Clio/Uni (New American / Japanese), Deuxave (New American).

Petit Robert is horrible

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Petit Robert is horrible these days. Food is meh, service is meh....

Bangkok City

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Thai food across the street from Berklee.