Hot wings

Gotnospice asks:

Anyone know where a really good hot wing place is in Boston or Rozzie/JP area?




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Penguin Pizza in Mission Hill

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Penguin Pizza in Mission Hill - All time best wings so damn good and like a billion different kinds of beer.

In JP Eugene O'neill's at Forest Hills is good, and hardly ever packed too

If you're looking for variety in flavors though Wings over Boston/Brookline is ok

If you want a real wing experience though, take a trip to The Hangar in Amherst, MA

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Great comment
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Wing-It in Allston is

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Wing-It in Allston is probably the best. Wings over are too greasy and dominos too small. Bon chon makes ok wings too, if you like asian style.


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Looked far and wide after finding Buffs and wasn't able to find anything better. Nothing like WNY wings but about as close as you'll get.

best wings in Boston

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are definitely at Woody's Grill and Tap on Hemenway Street


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So, not really Boston, but Atwood's Tavern in Inman Sq has, surprisingly, some of the best Buffalo Wings in the world.

Kelleher's on Centre Street

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Kelleher's on Centre Street on the Westie/Rozzie line has amazing wings--- dry rub, buffalo, honey hot, honey buffalo..definitely recommend.


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On Centre St in Roslindale. My BF loves them...the buffalo are good, but his favorite are the Old Bay wings.

The Real Deal USED to have some of the best buffalo wings . . .

but then they stopped serving wings altogether for a bit (at least at the one in JP) and now they only serve teriyaki wings--my favorite flavor, but they're not the "hot" wings/a-k-a buffalo wings that the OP was looking for.

A serious contender should be The Dudley Square Grille (still known by the locals as Stash's) since they really do use fresh, whole wings, hand-battered with flour and dipped in buffalo sauce (or teriyaki or BBQ sauce).

Gallway House in JP does

Gallway House in JP does great wings. If you're willing to travel, the Avenue in Allston has the best wings in the city (plus a great tap selection). If anyone wants to disagree that notion, I challenge you to a wing eating contest.

I challenge that!

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I consider the Avenue wings ... acceptable ... particularly when on special, but they're not "the best wings" by far. Good for the price.

Alas, I can't handle a wing challenge any more, which is a shame, since this would be a good night for it: because Soul Fire has that all-you-can-eat wing special on Mondays...

Although I am a Buffalo wing purist, I make an exception for Soul Fire because they have a really appealing smokiness to their sauce. Non-traditional but appropriate given the venue.

In terms of pure Buffalo wings, though, I have tried a fair selection of restaurants over the years and I am still not satisfied with anything in the Boston area. I plan to take a crack at some of the suggestions in this thread I have not yet tried yet, though.

Wing It

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God, you out of town yuppies dont know anything unless it was featured in the improper