iPhone apps for tracking MBTA trains and buses

Scott Sudikoff asks:

What’s the best app for iPhone to track MBTA trains and buses?



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transit apps

I mostly care about bus routes. The two apps I prefer are "Transit BOS" and "OpenMBTA" but I've been using them for a while and maybe there are better options out there now.


I've been using BostonBusMap since it came out, which was a while ago. Seems to be pretty well written and stable. It's best if you have a few stops you always use. Free and updated frequently.

Edit: I didn't see this post was only for iphone apps. BostonBusMap is Android.

I agree, I used buses mostly

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I agree, I used buses mostly and rely on Boston Bus Map for Android. It uses google maps to provide GPS location of buses which I personally find a better option than a time-based app.


BostonBusMap is the best app I've ever used for the MBTA. I don't know anyone who's used it and didn't love it.

If you just want to look up

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If you just want to look up the nearest bus routes and what times the next few buses will be arriving, I haven't found anything better than pointing your mobile web browser to NextBus.com, which by the way is the source of most of the real-time feeds everybody else uses.


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Nextbus app is great, but it's also available as text only, to those of us with cellphones that aren't Internet enabled. (I taped a list of favorite bus stop codes to the back of my cheapo cell phone.)

On iOS I use both BOS Next

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On iOS I use both BOS Next Bus and OpenMBTA for bus info. Next Bus is better if you want to see all your route options because you just click on a bus stop and it shows you every route that stops there. OpenMBTA you have to select a bus route first, but it also shows where the next bus is located on the map.

My #1 choice? Transit.

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Definitely Transit. Free, easy to use, available on both iOS and Android, and supports many cities besides Boston.

I particularly like the "all the buses near you" view; often I don't care which of two or more routes I take, I just want what's arriving first.

(It used to be free-but-limited with an optional subscription. I happily gave them money then; the app was and is well worth it.)


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Far and away the most well built Transit app, and just as accurate as any other. Supports many cities and both Bus and Subway (as well as Rail and even Boat I believe)

I cringe when I see CatchTheBus etc on people's phones, when this stupendous application is free I believe (I paid for it a few versions ago, well worth it. The iOS 7 update 3.0 is amazing)

I went to the App Store...

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... to install the App... but the button said "OPEN"... LOL. But thanks for the tips... I hadn't really checked it out since whenever I grabbed it.

Boston Bus Map

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And 'Transit' app, which is outstanding.


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Agree. Also, Catch the T is great for the...T!

Smart ride

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Smart ride is my go-to app for buses. It's great for picking up what's nearby, but also easily let's you bookmark favorite or frequently used stops.

Transit App

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Transit App Supports all T services and Multiple cities. The Montreal based developers are very cool people. Follow them @transitapp