MBTA weekend disruptions on the Red Line

Does anybody know when weekend service disruptions on the Red Line between North Quincy and JFK/UMass will end? It seems like it's been happening a lot this summer. Currently, the MBTA web site shows that buses will replace the trains for two weekends in August. Is this part of a larger project that will have a definite end date, or just business as usual for the Red Line? I am relatively new to the area, so not sure what to expect. Thanks!



Switch Replacement

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Isn't this apart of switch replacement at Columbia Junction (which is just south of JFK/UMass)? I know last year they were working on the Ashmont side (as I would get consistently get busituted going to a friends house on the weekend).

I'm sure it is just taking a long time since it requires a branch (or both) to be closed to perform the work.

But anon's right, this has been going on for some time.


The weekend of 08/30-09/01

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The weekend of 08/30-09/01 should be the last shut down required for the Columbia Junction project. they did say it would be a three construction season project when it started in 2012.

The end of August should also se the end of evening and occasional weekend shut-downs on the Orange Line from Sullivan to Oak Grove as Assembly station will be complete and probably opening August 30.

But then the weekend shut-downs will focus on the northern end of the Red Line, there should be shut-downs in September, October, and November between Park and Kendall for the Longfellow Bridge and between Harvard and Alewife for the on-going track repair and tunnel water leak repairs.

it NEVER ends

They've been doing this off and on since I was a kid. I'm 37 now. When they built Braintree, there was even a sign that said "25 Minutes to Park St." above the doors ....... EVER make it in 25 minutes?

I remember those quaint signs

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I remember signs at Harvard Station that said "11 minutes to downtown Boston" and Blue Line signs in Revere that said "8 minutes to downtown Boston". I suppose on a good day that is still technically possible, but the problem is, there is NEVER a "good day" on the T. Just constant breakdowns, "signal problems" and "schedule adjustments". Notice those signs haven't been around in years now.

This has kind of put a damper

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This has kind of put a damper on a lot of summer activities! Those buses are extremely uncomfortable and packed to capacity every time we've braved them. Not something you want to do when you were going into boston for something fun to do.

They Ought To Express Some Of The Shuttle Busses ...

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... Whenever bustitution is used, rather than having every bus stop at every station, why not have some of the busses run express to the end of the substituted route? That's where most passengers are usually going anyway.

It doesn't make sense to have every bus waste time going in and out of every station, especially when the route to do so is not a simple straight line paralleling the tracks.

For example, running express busses via I-93 between Quincy/Adams and Columbia/Kennedy stations could provide much better service. Even when The Expressway is jammed with traffic, it'd still be better than driving.