Needs tips on steak

Pip asks:

Any tips for a good but not overly expensive steak place in Boston for a group that don't get to see each other often? Please.




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All Expensive

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I think every steak place is going to be "overly expensive." That's their nature. Although, the Stockyard might not be too bad, but I haven't been there since the redo. But if you are going during Dine Out/Restaurant weeks this month you might get a deal if you can get reservations.

I wasn't impressed

16 oz prime center cut $45. Sides are $6.
The "hand cut" french fries on my friends meal were frozen french fries.

You might as well go to a higher end place and get better food/service.

Restaurant at the End of the Universe

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Just enter one of the many transdimensional IP transfiguration space time continuum benders and zap, you're there. The former Bow and Arrow pub and the oldest E cars had those. Have not seen any lately though so that will take some searching.

Can't get fresher beef. Walks right up and asks you what cut you want.

Parking is not hassle when it's just your molecules (and hopefully soul) transmitted across the cosmos.

Heard the views are spectacular. You can see novas, supernovas and the regular as Old Faithful used to be quasar. Heck, you have the entire universe to look at.

Frank's Steakhouse in Cambridge

For the money, you cannot beat Franks on Mass Ave Cambridge.
I've eaten in every high end steak house in Boston. My favorite is Del Frisco's down in the Seaport. But you need to take out a mortgage for dinner. (But its worth it)
For $23 bucks you can get Frank's NY Sirloin Sizzler. It comes with side and salad. Get it with tarragon butter. Its not a 45 day dry aged steak but for $23 you cannot beat it.

Thanks for reminding me.

I used to go there in the late 70s and early 80s.

Sturdy yeoman steak tips marinated forever in something like Ken's Steak House Italian salad dressing.

I just checked it on street view and it hasn't changed a bit.

It never fails: say "affordable steakhouse", and some

numbnut chimes in about how some high-end national chain steakhouse like Ruth's Chris is "worth every penny!" If the dude could afford $50 T-bones, he wouldn't be asking.

I agree with the poster who said the redone Stockyard isn't a bargain. Its prices aren't quite Morton's/Del Frisco's/Smith & Wollensky stupid, but they are close, and I think the quality of the food and ambiance are a significant step down.

One way to enjoy the luxury steakhouse experience at bargain prices is to go to a good locally-owned steakhouse like Grill 23 or Boston Chops and get their steak frites, which are $24-$29, include a big pile of fries, and feature prime-grade but less-popular cuts: skirt, hangar, flat iron.

You can get a similar deal at our better French bistros (e.g., Petit Robert, Aquitaine, Brasserie Jo, Beacon Hill Bistro, Sandrine's, Pierrot), but you'll get choice skirt, hanger, or sirloin, not prime. I'm not a giant fan of Gaslight, but it does a smallish $20 steak frites; I think the $26 bar steak is rather better.

The budget steakhouses like Frank's serve choice-grade beef; you get what you pay for. They are indeed popular with elderly diners: there isn't a steak on the menu that tops $23. (I prefer the prime rib there: at $27, the 22-oz cut is the priciest thing on the menu.) There are worse ways to go, especially if you like that mid-century atmosphere. Jimmy's is even cheaper, but it's out in Arlington and Saugus.

I think a modest Brazilian churrascaria rodizio like Midwest Grill is a good way to go. The much fancier Fogo de Chão is a ripoff at dinner, a better deal at lunch.

Midwest Grill!!

There you have the epitome of restaurant as theater.

That regular table visit by someone with a meat thing on a sword is as theatrical as it gets, in a charming earnest way.

I have a friend who insists on going there when he visits and dreams of opening some counterpart in San Francisco. Death by meat might be an alternate name.

And the buffet stuff is great by itself.

yeah I second this

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Love Midwest Grill... yeah its 25 bucks but its pretty much all you can eat. Plus if you're not much of a beef person, there's pork, and chicken, and sausages... and all sorts of yummy goodness.


Fogo de Chão is a rip off. I remember seeing it advertised in every airline backseat magazine and always wanting to go there. When it opened in Boston I had to try it. Haven't been back since. Midwest offers the same thing for a fraction of the price. In either place though, you gotta try the garlic encrusted steak. Fantastic. Come hungry. Skip the buffet. Don't plan on eating for two days.

Grill 23 has one of the best steaks in the city. The dry aged sirloin. So much flavor. But its way outside the price of affordable. Plus I think the place badly needs an upgrade. It really dated.

New bar area there? Awesome.

New bar area there? Awesome. I have fond memories of the bar from a couple years back. Specifically when a buddy and I drank there and there was a maybe 22 year old kid from California drunk on wine and trying to convince us he was some world class chef. Very bizarre for an establishment like that.

they didn't want overpriced.

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That rules out Smith & Wollensky, as good as your restaurant is. Now get out your checkbook and pay Adam for advertising.