Vania asks:

Fat Tuesday is two weeks away! Do good pączki exist in Boston?




Some answers via Twitter

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Older thread on Boston Chowhound

Here's what was said in 2011

It's an old conversation but has a few places to think about.

While you are hunting don't pass by the Zeppole at the Italian bakeries. If you like one, you'll like the other. They make their big appearance for St Joseph's Day, March 19th.
Modern Pastry and Maria's in the North End make great ones.

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Dj's Market

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Paczki's the size of your face at DJ's on Boston St.

Redline to Andrew

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I forgot to mention

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Dj's is the only one who makes the donuts on site. The other stores get them delivered from Worcester. Both are good but they are amazing when you get them fresh from the oven.

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euro mart and Baltic deli

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the most authentic paczki are found near Andrew Square:
Euro mart and Baltic deli

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808 Dorchester Ave
(617) 825-1969
paczki, chrusciki, home-made nalesniki, pierogi, home-made golabki, kielbasa, home-made bigos, rye bread, horseradish,
many other items, many home-made by the ladies at the store.

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Look for "poonch-key" in the Polish Triangle

Several options in the home of Boston's largest Polish-American community, just south of Andrew Square: the aforementioned DJ's, Baltic Deli on Dot Ave, and Euromart further south on Dot Ave. Wouldn't be surprised if the great Polish restaurant Cafe Polonia in that neighborhood served them at its weekend polka brunch. I saw some in the bakery of the South Bay Stop & Shop the other day, too, though I doubt those would be very good.

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Really delicious, though they do make a limited quantity and they do sell out!

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As an expat Detroiter...

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stop n shop ones are awful (I have no idea why they think that's a paczki) and the ones at baltic are mediocre. I'm going to have to try ula - but even the "good ones" you can find out in western mass just aren't nearly as good as what you find at the average places in Detroit.

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On a recent weekend road trip

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On a recent weekend road trip, we saw a billboard along the Pike near Springfield advertising paczkzi at Big Y. Then on the way back, we found a polka radio show on local college station.

It was an interesting bit of Springfield culture I hadn't known about.

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