Renter's insurance

Laura Pond asks:

Those who have Renter's Insurance - who do you recommend?




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Umbrella Insurance

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When getting homeowners or renters - talk to them about umbrella insurance. Relatively inexpensive -but valuable coverage in many situations for high value losses like certain lawsuits. You should get your auto, homeowners/renters and umbrella from the same company - they need to "talk" to each other to be sure you have no gaps and proper deductibles, plus saves the hassle of borderline situations where each company claims the other coverage should pay for a loss.

If you have a car, bundle it

You can get discounts from your insurer if you insure two or more things.

Otherwise, you might want to go with a local provider as they understand the local market a bit better - like Arbella is still local, maybe others?


Contact a local agent

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Keep jobs in MA and contact a local insurance agent. (Most have forms on their websites and you can prefill all the info). They will compare rates for a few companies and get you best policy. You can ask them all the questions you need answered.

This website will show all local insurance agents.
(its not like the movies where they try to sell you life insurance... these are your neighbors and can get you Home/Auto insurance deals... leave Flo to the other states!)


Besides the price, I was

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Besides the price, I was thrilled by my customer experience when I switched from a cranky local cigar-smoking insurance agent to Progressive.

I got things I never had before. Like a copy of my policy. And I could use their website to see how much I'd have to pay for different coverage levels. And they answered my questions, instead of arguing with me when I knew what I was talking about. (For example, the local agent had said, "You had an accident 5 years back -- you're not an excellent driver", even though that's the state's exact definition of the Excellent Driver Discount. And he tried to make me mail him 12 physical CharlieCards at the end of the year (not just the receipts) to get the public transit discount, since he didn't understand that CharlieCards are hard to get, can be reloaded with a monthly pass over and over, and aren't human-readable, unlike the old magstripe passes.)

For Renters' and next

For Renters' and next Homeowners Insurance I go with Rush Kent Insurance in Arlington. I liked the people, I liked the policy I got, and when I had a claim, they helped me handle it quickly and reasonably stress free (I sound like an inside reviewer here. NAYY, I swear.)


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We use Amica. When our apartment caught on fire and was unlivable, they got us a $2500 credit card within 2 hours so we could move to a hotel. I recommend their customer service.


So true

Yep - my old homeowner's insurance company fought us tooth and nail the first time I ever made a claim, ended up paying out roughly 60% of the modest amount we had claimed (which was not enough to complete the needed repairs), and cancelled our policy to boot.

Renters insurance

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Safety Insurance all day long. Great coverage for around $250 a year