Sinamay bias tape and hat bases

Hannah diCicco asks:

Here's an odd one: where in the Boston area can I get sinamay bias tape & hat bases for making a fascinator?



Some answers via Twitter

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Cindy Lu's down in Whoville

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Cindy Lu's down in Whoville might carry all that stuff. They're in the aisle with the Flu Floopers and Gar Ginkers.


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I'm fascinated that there's something called a "fascinator", and that there is apparently a real place called Whoville. If you go there, watch out for grinches, or giant kangaroos who want to boil your whole town in beezle nut oil.

Winmil Fabrics

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at 111 Chauncey Street might have it. Good luck.


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Bridal headpieces (awful name, isn't it?) are sometimes similar to fascinators. So I think you might try The Altered Bride (awful name, isn't it?).


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.....Windsor Button is long gone - closed at least a year ago.