Springtime soft serve

Stephanie asks:

Where do you get soft serve in Boston?! That is actually open now.




Some answers via Twitter

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Richie's on Rte 16

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Just beyond Costco. Not convenient if you don't have a car, but amazingly yummy!

Dairy Maid

Not in Boston, but Dairy Maid in Everett on Route 99. Priced nicely too. It's our usual stop over coming back to Boston from the beach in the summer.


About 15 years ago, on a

About 15 years ago, on a weeknight, in the fall, after we had gone to a wake for a friend's father, we were driving back to Boston and stopped for a cone. It was one of those weird moments that becomes completely memorable because it was so strange. Coming back from a wake? Perfect time for...soft-serve!

I wasn't the one driving, and this was before smart phones or GPS units in your car. I had NO idea where we were. In the years since we've said, "Oh, remember we stopped for ice cream?!? "Yeah, where WAS that place? Malden? Everett?" "I don't know, somewhere on 99." All I could remember was that it was at a corner. Based on the Google Street View, I'm pretty sure that this was it. Thanks.



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The one with the Make Way for Ducklings painting on the back? It was there last week.

Quincy Market?

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Oh and didn't the ice cream place at back of Quincy Market have soft serve? Are they still there? Sprinkles.


Before they changed their name, they were the very last Steve's Ice Cream in the Boston area (and likely the last anywhere, before someone bought the brand name and reopened in Brooklyn)

Frosty Truck

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The Frosty truck on the corner of Boylston and Arlington. Next to Public Garden.


Too much frozen yogurt...

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Thing about JP licks is the one in Backbay and the one in Harvard Square usually only have NutraSweet (labeled with a "NS") chocolate and vanilla. I would love to find more soft serve places... as much as I love frozen yogurt... its gotten a little out of hand.

Anyone got any suggests for BackBay/Fens or Harvard/Central Square?

Louie's in somerville on

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Louie's in somerville on Broadway has softserve and a great selection of other ice cream but doesn't usually open until mid may.

More soft-serve suggestions

Celebrity Pizza in Watertown, Dairy Barn in Randolph, Spadfora's in Malden, Dairy Freeze in Quincy, Kell's Kreme on Revere Beach (just the thing after hitting Kelly's), Dairy Joy in Weston, Richardson's in Dracut, Bubbling Brook in Westwood.

Emack & Bolio's on Newbury has a machine that turns any flavor of conventional ice cream into soft-serve. Picco in the South End has ice cream that is softer than most, kind of half-way between regular ice cream and gelato, really good. Abbott's in Brighton Center serves frozen custard: again, not quite ice cream, not quite soft-serve, very good.

Two outlets of the Moe's Southwestern Grill chain, in Waltham and Shrewsbury, have Carvel stands inside them.