Summer CSAs downtown

Jocelyn asks:

Looking to get a CSA for this summer with a drop off in downtown Boston. Any suggestions?




Some answers via Twitter

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About a CSA

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Here's a good overview of CSA's - and who should or shouldn't join one. Lots of great options in the Boston area. There's a good directly at Also all the farms mentioned above are great!

I'm dumb but..

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but what is a CSA?

To me that stands for Customer Service Associate...

No not dumb

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just not a hipster! CSA= Community Supported Agriculture.

A different CSA

In this context CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's a practice that's grown in popularity over the past 10+ years in which a small local farm sells "shares" in their season's produce. Typically you pay a lump sum in the winter or early spring and receive a share of product weekly starting in early summer and running through the fall.

Some farm shares are pick-your-own or are picked up at the farm, but most deliver to pick-up points in the city, sometimes at a weekly farmer's market, sometimes at another pre-arranged pickup point.

Community Supported Agriculture

You give a farm money in the off season when they have less income and they give you a share of the crop. It is an investment in the farm that pays off in food.

To add to the options from Twitter.

Silverbrook Farm has pick ups at City Hall or Copley Square farmers markets

Stillman's Farm has both produce and meat shares and you can pick up at various spots including the City Hall Farmers Market. (That may be in a new location near the site of the future Public Market this year.)


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Not here in the northern states. The closest part of the Confederate States of America would be Virginia.