T-accessible gin and tonics

Matt Robare asks:

I'm looking for T-accessible, good gin & tonics at reasonable prices. Any ideas?




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Not much to them

Buy gin, buy tonic, buy limes ... enjoy!

But, if you must, there are several bars in Davis Square that can help you out ... Saloon comes readily to mind.


Oh for goodness sake, Oak Bar

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Oh for goodness sake, Oak Bar Copley Sq. Better yet, skip the tonic and go right to a martini, best around.


How hard is it to find a G&T?

Not hard at all, unless you are: a) looking for some specific New World gin that flouts the traditional juniper-forward London Dry style, and even that (in the form of bottlings like Hendrick's) is pretty easy to find above the level of the typical local-yokel joint; and / or b) expecting some kind of artisanal tonic instead of ordinary gun-tonic or bottled Schweppes, in which case your options are limited to a handful to super-self-serious craft cocktail bars like Drink.

Limes? They're getting punishingly expensive, thanks to a plant disease and the narco-terroristas jumping in to exploit the sudden shortage and making it even worse. (Example: the 10 for $2 limes I bought a few weeks ago at Kam Man are now 95 cents apiece.)

A G&T made with quality gin, seltzer, Bittermens Commonwealth Tonic Liqueur, and a fat wedge of that oh-so-costly lime is hard to beat, I think.


This is getting a bit over the top

Adam, I love that you amplify crowdsourcing requests, but there is a line between true crowdsourcing and outright laziness. I think this crossed it. Gin and tonics are not unique, hard-to-find items (a la Paczkis), and every bar has served them for time immemorial. As some of the responses note, the requester might as well just have asked for a list of bars by T stations. For that we have Google, Yelp, etc.

Or am I the only one who rolled my eyes at this one?


Not that I'm an expert

But I think most people would assume that the basic level of cocktails that involve just one liquor and one soft drink (G&T, Jack and Coke, vodka and cranberry juice, etc) are pretty much the same everywhere you go. The only difference is how stiff the drink is. Some places pour a pretty weak drink, to be sure. The only way to change the quality is to change the liquor used from well drink level to premium, but that's a pretty obvious change (the $7 gin is not as good as the $14 gin, in general) that isn't location-dependent.

MC and others are in a better position to comment knowingly, though, so I defer to others on this one.

I took it as

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a version of "Citizens connect complaint of the day", aka "you might learn something, but really this is just silly".

But really, it's not like asking about G&Ts is detracting from the overall content of the site.

St. Louis?

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How about where to get a PBR?


I like the dark stuff - even if they did try to serve it to my son instead of me. ;-)

Well it's not rocket science but...

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If you're an avid lush it's always awesome to see new places to drink at and now that we have this new crazy curfew of 0300 on the weekends the question isn't entirely out of place.

As for my recommendations JM Curley's makes their own the 21 Temple which is delightfully dry and long and they're downtown on Temple place which hits almost all of the major lines easy. Green Street in Central sq, Cambridge does a fine G & T though I'd suggest the astute reader also reach for their Pimm's Cup on a hot summer night.