T-accessible places to get watch batteries changed

Tee asks:

Anyone know of a T accessible place to get about 10 watch batteries changed?




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Used to be a kiosk at

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Used to be a kiosk at Cambridgeside Galleria that might do it. They replaced my watch band. Sears, btw, was useless. They just sell watches. Can't change a band or anything else. Lowered my already low opinion of that Sears.

Watch Hospital

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40 Bromfield near DTX. I walked in on a Friday afternoon and waited maybe 10-15 minutes for two replacements, and it was reasonably priced. I would recommend avoiding the watch shop near Porter Square for battery replacements, that guy charged me a TON of money for one battery (and not on a fancy watch).

Yes (Downtown Crossing)

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Yes I always get my water battery replaced at a jeweler on Washington street in the jewelry building next to McDonald's. (they have a sign in the window for this) 10 bucks and it includes the battery.

I keep going there back there to get it done because he has a press that does re-seals your watch (to make it water resistant again). Worth every penny and I'm in and out of there in less than 5 minutes.

I've made my 60 dollar TJ Maxx special Kenneth Cole watch last almost 10 years because of this..

Oh, hey, time for my eye exam

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Yeah, who recharges watch batteries? I'm sure that would be a cool thing and reduce the amount of [whatever is in watch batteries] going into landfills and incinerators. But, you are right - he asked about changing, not charging, the things.

Button cells still use mercury

The amount of mercury used in conventional nonrechargeable flashlight-type household batteries (usually AAA/AA/C/D/9V) has been reduced to the point where it's safe to discard them in household trash, but AIUI button-type cells such as watch, hearing-aid, and calculator batteries still use mercury and need to be brought somewhere for recycling. IIRC Radio Shack takes them for disposal.

I've gotten mercury-free

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I've gotten mercury-free watch batteries.

I was surprised how easy it was to replace them myself, at least for a watch that is held shut by tiny screws. And there are sellers on Amazon who have watch batteries for less than $2.

While I normally try to support local businesses, my watch isn't really worth $2, let alone $10. Also, the Amazon sellers are small businesses themselves, and there's not much environmental impact from sending a watch battery by first class mail.

Many button batteries are now mercury-free

I just replaced the watch / hearing-aid type battery in my digital instant-read meat thermometer, and was surprised to see that the replacement I bought at my local Rite-Aid was mercury-free. You should still be careful to dispose of older ones properly, most of which contain mercury, as do fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent light bulbs, thermostats, and mercury switches.

Resources: http://www.keepmercuryfromrising.org/communities/ and http://www.cityofboston.gov/publicworks/wastereduction/hazardous.asp

Yup. I go through the effort

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Yup. I go through the effort to save all my burned-out fluorescent bulbs, and bring them to a collection site. I even take bulbs other people threw away or put in recycling bins.

But sometimes it seems like a waste of time, since so many people don't bother.

Is it actually illegal to throw away a fluorescent bulb?

There need to be more prominent notices on the packaging and bulb itself, besides the tiny "no trash can" symbol.

Near Copley

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There's a little shop on the south side of Newbury a bit in from Dartmouth - one block from the Copley T stop. Did a Google search and I think it's Yuri's watches at 142 Newbury -but he's on the first floor (up the brownstone stairs) a shop or two to the left of where the temporary 3D printing shop is. Very nice man and prices when he did my wife's watch seemed very reasonable - like $10 and he did it right on the spot.

Leo Carroll in Inman

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I got my watch band and battery replaced, and the case cleaned, for $20, and they were completely lovely the whole time. Yelp agrees that they are super awesome. Worth the extra walk from the T!

Watch repair

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There's a kiosk in the Prudential center mall that a few paces from the Cheesecake factory.

Try United Service

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For umbrella repair If it's still around :

United Service
151B Pearl St
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 426-3100