Getting a single bottle of Spencer Trappist ale

Spencer Ale

D asks:

Anyone know where I can possibly buy a single bottle of Spencer Trappist Ale in Boston/Brookline?

Photo of single bottle by Chris Borger, who writes: "It's real - and it's good! That beer is sitting on my dining room table. It holds its own against the other Trappist ales. I picked it up at Liquorland. Apparently, they asked for 10 cases, were told they could have 5, and were delivered 2."




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Brother , if it is in short

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Brother , if it is in short supply, you have to try the heavy hitters. Depending where you are at, if you recognize the names, give them a call : The mullto grande hitter is , Kappy''s Wellington circle Medford and other parts of Malden. Blanchard's , Martignettis , Brighton Allston . Marty's in Newton. Julio's in Southboro. Then you have to look at the small specialty places that do the craft beers. But i am sure you can get it at one of the heavy hitters.Or you could call the boys at Burke Distributors and ask them who peddles it in their area!
Sláinte !

Shaws in Copley Square had a

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Shaws in Copley Square had a pretty big display of it when I was there on Wednesday. I'd say at least 10 cases

I scored some over a week ago

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I scored some over a week ago at the liquor store next to the Alewife Whole Foods. Also, Bull McCabe's in Somerville is serving it.

Atlas in Medford

I bought two four packs as soon as my husband got the e-mail notification that it was out. I figured that it might be difficult to find for a while.

BWX on Devonshire St. in the Financial District has it, too, and likely sells single bottles to the hotel-bound folks who wander in.

I have to say that it really lives up to the hype - it is complex yet friendly, and tastes like a lot of much higher alcohol brews. Even so, it is satisfying enough that I usually split a bottle with my husband.

(enjoying their rhubarb strawberry preserves right now ...)

Bay State Food & Spirits

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Bay State Food & Spirits (corner of Beacon St. & Summit Ave in Coolidge Corner) has 4-packs and individual bottles for sale - at least they do as of 3pm on Saturday, 2/1.

Genesee Cream Ale - The Nuns' Beer

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When I ran the switchboard in high school, every couple of weeks one of the nuns would come in to use the phone, and proceed to place an order with a local beverage distributer for her convent. Besides things like club soda and Tab, she'd always order a couple of cases of Genny Cream Ale.

Although I've always considered it to be a nuns' beer, you don't have to take a vow of chastity to drink it.

Good ol' Genny Cream

A standby of my relatives in upstate NY. It's made a bit of a comeback among craft beer types locally, probably as much for the cool retro can as what's inside. I had one with my Saturday lunch at Strip-T's not too long ago.

Spencer is overrated

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Why not drink real Belgian beer instead, like Rochefort or St Bernardus?

I've had it

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and it's as good asany other trappist ale. Thsy said, it's expensive, dare I say over-priced. Nut it's developing a fashionable following among expensive beer and of course the wine snobs. It's a status statement, no different from a shopping bag from a luxury boutique/store.

Our friend Google reports :

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Our friend Google reports :
Whole Foods in Cambridge today. $19 , 4-pack at Bin Ends in Braintree ($16.50) , $18.99 at Blanchard's in JP , all from Jan 2014 . Still rather a nice glass of Gansett draft , Cranston vintage , hawked by the famous Curt Gowdy. Now , that was a beer .

Or maybe it's just a good ale

and people think it's worth the price. Also, some folks are willing to pay a premium to support local businesses. It's also the first of its kind, an American-made true Trappist ale. Curiosity about a novelty like this adds value, too.

I'm curious, anon: how much did you pay for it, and what did you think it was actually worth?

Cloverleaf in Natick.

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Cloverleaf in Natick.
$17.99 for 4 pack of 11.2oz bottles.

Really strong clove. A bit over carbonated for me. But if that's your thing...

Spencer Trappist Ale

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You can buy single bottles of Spencer Trappist Ale here at Broadway Marketplace, 468 Broadway, Cambridge, MA. As well as single bottles of our over 600 other brews - we encourage mix-six packs!