Veggie burgers

Meighan O'Toole asks:

Best veggie burger in Boston?




Some answers via Twitter

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By on can order lettuce on the Butter Burger at Tasty Burger.


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I second root in allston and veggie galaxy in central sq.

Boston Burger Company's

Boston Burger Company's veggie burg is phenomenal, plus you can sub any of their regular burgers with the veg patty.

Kingston Station

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Kinston Station in Downtown Crossing has the best I've tasted. I wasn't expecting it.

Deli Haus

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Deli Haus had the best veg burgers in Boston.. RIP

Tasty Burger

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Tasty Burger has an excellent veggie burger.

True Bistro

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The "Teele Square" burger at True Bistro (vegan restaurant in Teele) is very yummy, probably my favorite (Root's comes close, and BBC's is very good).

Not Your Average Joe's (in Station Landing) makes a pretty good one too.

Like many homemade v-burgers, they tend to fall apart quickly on eating 'em.

I second

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Christopher's. I wish I lived closer so I could enjoy it on the regular!