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Wayne Dutch asks:

Any recommendations for wedding photographer/videographer?




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wedding photographer with a heart, on a budget

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Tiffany Knight, of is a phenomenal, but easygoing and readily adaptable photographer. I believe she only works in the greater Boston area, but if you're looking for great pics for not an excessive cost, I think the best you could do is find someone as good.

JohnLo Photography

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John LoConte from JohnLo Photography. He is talented, affordable, and so easy to work with. He shot our wedding in November 2013 and guests are still talking about how great he was that night.

Completely Agree!

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I second the recommendation for John LoConte! He photographed our wedding in October 2012. He was absolutely wonderful to work with, our photos turned out fabulous (we, too, are still receiving compliments on them from our friends and family), and his rates were amazing, especially considering the quality of work. I did quite a bit of research to find a photographer, and I absolutely feel we used one of the best in the area, hands down! John is also a really nice, great guy, which makes the entire process much easier...

Can't answer.

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What style photography are you looking for? what's the budget? This is like asking what the computer is... the best one is the one that fits your individual needs best.

That being said Kristen Chalmers is a wonderful photographer if she fits your needs.

I would like to throw my name

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I would like to throw my name in the hat...I live in Roslindale, but travel all over. Most photographers focus on still, so you might want a separate videographer. Drop me a line so we can chat more about your wedding!


brian phillips

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he's the best! just google him

Abby Lorenz

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I've been part of three weddings shot by Abby including my own. In addition to her truly artful style, she will also run the show, making sure your whole day keeps to schedule.