Wild mushrooms

Mel asks:

Where can I buy wild mushrooms locally (not from TJ or Whole Foods)?




Some answers via Twitter

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It's too bad there aren't any

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It's too bad there aren't any good stores for fruits and vegetables closer to the city center than Russo's of Watertown. (If there are, please let us know!)


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I got some varieties, including morels, from Savenors in Beacon Hill last week

possible mushroom source

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Benjamin Maleson has made a career out of foraging for mushrooms and supplies many Boston and Cambridge restaurants. He was my landlord for four years - very cool and interesting guy. Not relevant, but hey, that's how I know him. His company is Wild Mushrooms; doesn't seem to have a website but here's his contact info: 20 Boylston St, JP, 02130 (617) 522-2812. He used to sell to people, not just wholesale, don't know if that's still the case. The Boston Mycological Club could also perhaps give you some ideas. Ben also (according to Google) has lectured and even done foraging walks around the area.