You're on a train when a tornado warning is issued

Gaelle Gourgues asks:

What do you do when you are in a moving train above ground with tornado warning?!!




MEMA answers

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The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency replies:

Not sure there is any official guidance but since you can't get off, duck and cover on floor is probably most safe.

I would think the train

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I would think the train should get to the next station and stop until it's clear. Trains are no match for Mother Nature.


Go to the nearest tunnel, get covered in lava from the tunnel tornado volcano.
Stay where you are, get eaten by sky-borne sharknado sharks.
Find random chick, buy her a drink on your credit card, hope for best.
...and I am outta here...


Nor does Metro North

The last Metro North bar car ran on May 7th of this year. Bar car service, once common on the LIRR, is also almost entirely gone from that railroad as well. If I can believe Wikipedia, the LIRR still has bar car service by reservation on their once-a-week train to the Hamptons, but that's it.

On the other hand, you can

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On the other hand, you can legally drink your own alcohol on Metro North and the LIRR.


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That should be done crossing the Tobin even in fair weather.

Was wondering the same

Luckily I was running so late I missed all three of the 426 buses I usually catch, and it had mostly cleared by the time I was on the Tobin. But imagine being stuck in that traffic-inducing lane-restriction clusterfuck and a tornado hits? Ugh, no thanks.

My immediate image

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Was me and my wife hurtling to our mutual deaths in a flat spin. Later I realized the bridge itself simply crumbling was perhaps the bigger danger. Wasn't exactly in a panic, but one look at that sky straight from Ghostbusters hanging right over our heads did make me pause and ponder my mortality for at least a brief moment.

It has been many years

So why do I have that "trains in danger" theme music from Thomas the Tank Engine in my head (Thomas and the Terrible Storm)? Maybe the years don't blunt the effect of hearing that thousands of times over and over.


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you go to the basement.

same as at the Alamo.