Azorean cheese

Swimman79 asks:

Is there anywhere in Boston to buy the cheese made in the Azores?





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Might be somewhere in Somerville. Try walking into the PAC and asking, or PA's Lounge (That's Portuguese-American Lounge), the longest serving bartender there is the guy you wanna talk to.
Otherwise you need to drive to New Bedford.


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The Wine & Cheese Cask on the corner of Beacon and Washington in Somerville, though there's no Portuguese theme there.

Give a call to Fernandes Fish Market

on Cambridge Street near Inman Square. They have a bunch of Azorean and Azorean-American groceries, like the excellent Açoreana brand of linguiça, chouriço and morcela.

Whole Foods

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I saw some Sao Jorge cheese at the South End Whole Foods on Harrison.

I personally prefer the Azorean Queijo Fresco, but haven't been able to find that anywhere.

Market Basket too. Maybe a

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Market Basket too. Maybe a better question would be, "who doesn't sell cheese for the Azores".

From an Azorean

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Here you go:

These are where my Azorean friend goes when they aren't making it themselves.

Cambridge: Fernandes Fish Market
Somerville: Cross Street Market & Deli
Lowell – Lowell Portuguese Bakery
Peabody: Tremont Market

And one more from an Azorean

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If you are up for a drive...

Portugalia Marketplace in Fall River – it's Portuguese product heaven! Olives, to cheeses, to seasonings, to everything else you want – might not need!