Fresh American eel for Christmas

Brian Sniffen is looking for American eel, not unagi.





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Sounds like something Legal would offer.

Ask your local fish store or Asian market

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I've never ordered American eel but my experience is that most local fish stores can source just about everything with enough notice. The big Boston wholesalers like Foley Fish and Stavis Seafood, can get anything and they often supply the local fish store. The American eel is also very popular in the far-east, so a call to one of the area Asian Supermarkets might be worthwhile.

Jia Ho supermarket in chinatown

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If you're downtown, the supermarket between Washington and Knapp streets (entrances on both streets) usually has live eels in a cooler by the fishmonger.

Sargasso Sea and back

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I'm no vegetarian, but after learning about the American Eels incredible life history -- born in the Sargasso sea, drifting to New England, moving upstream and sometimes overland to freshwater lakes and streams, living there for many decades just maturing and then returning back to the Sargasso Sea to mate -- I can't say I'd like one to end up on my plate.
Add to that that they are quickly going extinct.

Here's some info from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.