Lagav​ulin 16 Year Sing​le Malt

Girl Jo asks:

Anyone in Boston/surrounding area know any stores that stock Lagav​ulin 16 Year Sing​le Malt? Holiday gift needed!




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If all else fails

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The huge wine and spirits place in Gateway Center in Everett (Total Wine and More) will probably have it. You can call ahead - they are very friendly with the special request stuff.

It is possible to walk over there from Wellington or take a bus from Wellington if you don't have a car.

Check with Bauer Wine &

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Check with Bauer Wine & Spirits on Newbury Street. They have a decent scotch selection for a smallish city shop, and as a bonus, they have a playful store cat that can often be found batting pens around near the cash register.


It's my malt of choice. It can be pricey. Right now, Macy's in West Roxbury has it on sale for $70. Likely the best you'll find.

You could instead go fr the 37-year-old for $3,600. (I love the peat and iodine notes, but not that much.)

Blanchard's in Allston

My friend purchased a bottle of it at Blanchard's in Allston a summer or two ago. Not exactly the place one would expect to find such a fine bottle of scotch, but there it was, in their fancy-pants locked whisky cabinet.

To add to the Ball Square endorsement

…it's worth noting that they track their inventory on the web. Here's a search for 'Lagavulin':

They're also _extremely_ good about tracking down obscure bottles for you. And in general I just love them so much. My wife and I used them for our wedding: we provided two nips of whiskey to every guest, and Ball Square hooked us up with some really reasonably priced bottles. They've earned my loyalty, and I go back to them for everything now. Whenever I want to buy a special bottle for someone's birthday/anniversary/etc., Ball Square are my guys.

Lagav​ulin 16 Year Sing​le Malt

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I just bought some at Liquor World in Porter Square a couple of weeks ago--they have the cheapest bottle I've found, about $85 for the 16 year.

Wegmans in Chestnut Hill

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It's pretty easy to find at most well-stocked liquor stores. We got a bottle on sale on Saturday for $69.99, about as low as the price will go around here.

Mystic Liquors in Arlington

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had Lagavulin as part of its Scotch tasting last week.

That stuff is wonderful. A very good gift choice. (And if the giftee doesn't want it, I'll take it :-) )