Pricing lemonade

Jessica Burko asks:

What's the going rate per cup at a kids' lemonade stand? (asking for my mini entrepreneurs).




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is it gluten free, free range, fair trade, locally sourced? Then $5 a cup.

All employees will need to

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All employees will need to have health insurance. And please use only cane sugar, carried in hemp sacks on the backs of peasants, and not in carbon-belching trucks. That will come to $30 per cup, but you'll be required to provide 'affordable' beverages to 20% of your customers.

Not quite

The health insurance mandate kicks in at 30 hours a week.

Cane sugar is way cheaper than corn syrup if you aren't buying a tanker.


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It's a good thing! It makes people laugh. Try it.

Set the kids up with Square

One smartphone and you can swipe cards. No one carries cash. Buy a few cases of those mason jars that seem to be the rage replacing drinking glasses, you can probably charge the hipsters $6 and they can keep the "glass"

There is a delicious lemonade

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There is a delicious lemonade stand on Walworth St. @ Roslindale Ave fairly often but not on a regular schedule. They offer both original AND pink lemonade for $0.25! The cup holds maybe 8 oz. which I find to be a perfect amount for a refreshing drink while walking my dog. A red solo cup would be too much for me. They also offer dum-dums for $0.25 as well. What a deal!

Yes! Came here to make sure they got mentioned.

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Two sisters (maybe 5 and 7 ish?). Delightful, polite, friendly. Mom (also friendly) hangs out nearby to keep an eye on them. 21st century Norman Rockwell.

Oh yeah - the lemonade is for real, too - no reconstituted stuff or kool-aid! FTW

My neighborhood stand

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Walworth between Hillock and Roslindale Ave is $.25. You get to choose between pink or yellow and they also have Dum Dums. Best neighborhood business.


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If it is #innovative fair-trade certified organic no-fat artisanal lemonade then $10/cup seems reasonable.

$15/cup if 0.000526% of sales proceeds go back to the lemon growers.

I will give you a cup of lemonade if

you retweet my tweets, like my Facebook posts, and endorse me on LinkedIn. Trying to get that Klout score up.

Why? No idea, really.

(I have fans of my food writing, but my friends are all like, "Hey, MC, I was thinking of eating at this new place, have you tried it?" "You mean the one I reviewed in the Improper LAST WEEK? You don't read any of my stuff, do you?")


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Small cup: $0.75
Then break out the Solo cup, $1.75.

Have a few quarters ready, but expect people will tip the twenty five cents.

And yes, have ice.

Back of the envelope profit analysis

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19 oz country time mix = $2.50. Maxes approximately 30 cups of lemonade.

30 red solo cups = $3.72.

Bag of ice = $1.00

Assume no rent...

Out of pocket = $7.22, so marginal cost = $.24.

Charge a quarter and you're pretty much breaking even. Charge a buck and you're looking at a 300% ROI.

If you're in any industry other than lemonade stand, you're an idiot.

Waste of water!

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People, there's an epic drought on our hands - we CANNOT spare any water for frivolous things like lemonade stands!

Signed, anon from the other thread...

What the market will bear

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Personally, a buck seems fair and an even amount.

The missus, when she goes on bike rides, carries a few dollar bills with her solely for kids' lemonade.

How much you price the lemonade is irrelevant. The key is

managing the financing.

First, I'd promote the lemonade as the best, most luxurious hand-crafted-in-the-USA soft drink in the world. Then I'd run up huge debts, in part by pushing all my personal debts onto the company, pay myself a huge salary and lavish expenses as part of my CEO deal, and use bankruptcy proceeding multiple times to forestall my creditors. If I got in a really tight spot, I would call up my dad, who's loaded, and he could send me a few million in cash to bail me out.

Of course, I wouldn't pay my Solo-cup, lemon, sugar, water or ice vendors, let alone the stand-construction contractors. They're little people: I could keep them tied up for years with my legal resources if they decided to sue.

To solve my debt problems without going Chapter 7, I'd take the company public. I'd further stem the cash hemorrhaging by issuing a few hundred million in junk bonds. Then I'd inflate expectations of the stock performance with bogus projections of future earnings, dump my stock right after the pump-up, walk away with millions, and leave the shareholders saddled with those staggering debts that would push them into oblivion.

Years later, I'd point to this as an example of my amazing acumen and success as a businessperson, and expect that nobody would ever ask how much I charged for the lemonade.

During Porchfest, two

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During JP Porchfest, two adorable little girls were selling their lemonade for a $1/cup.

Lookism run amok

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I suppose the ugly little girls could only charge $.50?



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Believe me, we're gonna Make Lemonade Great Again. You won't believe how great. Believe me. It will be YUUUUUGE, that lemonade...

Solo cups in my 'hood too

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also $1, with ice. Tasted like some crappy punch mix, but at least was properly cold.

Around the corner, a young lady was conducting good product differentiation at a different price point, offering 'shots' of lemonade in little dixie cups for a nickel. I did 10 'shots' and felt like I was back in college again.

Who carries cash?

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Whatever they charge, they better take plastic via Square or be a part of LevelUp.