Ukelele strings

Mandy asks:

I need ukulele strings. Don't know how to play, just starting for fun. It's a cheaper one. Where do I go?



I bet the Berklee Bookstore

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I bet the Berklee Bookstore on Boylston St. has them. Possibly even Newbury Comics . . . they sell ukuleles there.

Mr Music in Allston

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Even though Guitar Center was my first thought, why send your money out of town when Mr. Music on Harvard St in Allston can give you what you need. Buy Local!

Music Emporium

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Music Emporium in Lexington

PS Guitar players might expect metal, but even nice ukulele strings are nylon.

Where is the OP?

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I have a few packs I will never ever use....

mr music

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the guys are great in there and they will get you your strings.

Cheap and Fun

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At least among college students Ukuleles have been pretty popular for a while. They sound nice and are way cheaper and smaller than a comparable quality guitar. They have been sold at Newbury Comics for about a decade now.