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Best vegetarian restaurant recommendations in boston?




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Whole Heart Provisions is fantastic

Omni places with good veggie selection

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People have covered the all-vegetarian or mainly vegetarian places quite well. As far as omni places that have a good vegetarian selection:

Sunset Grill and Tap has amazing vegetarian chili and they'll make nachos with it. Also an extensive menu of things like a portabello burger, grilled eggplant sandwich, lots of tofu stuff.

Christopher's has many types of veggie burgers, stir fries, pastas, etc.

Beijing Cafe and Wok and Talk both have fake meat (General Gao's "chicken," etc.). So does Grasshopper of course, but these are good ones if you want to go with friends who want a meat place.

Rudy's, a Tex Mex place, has vegetarian combination plates with guacamole tacos

While Red Lentil does have a

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While Red Lentil does have a few good dishes, they have by far the worst service I have ever received at a restaurant. I have been several times and the service was terrible every time!

I second Veggie Galaxy- also Town Diner in Watertown is a great spot for vegetarians.

Came here to say the same.

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I am not vegetarian or vegan and I have to say their food is top notch. Also, they serve beer, if that makes a difference to anyone reading.


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I also second Grasshopper in Allston. I'm not a veggie.. far from it. But it's amazing some of the dishes they have there! Such a good place.

Great now I want Grasshopper


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Like, am I one of a very small minority who is repulsed by grasshopper? Or are there more of us? I tried so hard to love it but all their dishes are a variation on the same greasy fried fake meat. I just couldn't.

I dont know, is it me? Have they introduced anything new lately?

I liked the food at

I liked the food at Grasshopper to be honest but as a non vegetarian it is a complete waste of time for me. If I eat vegetarian I am doing it for health reasons and Grasshopper is not doing that. Although for those ethical vegans out there it is nice to have a fried food option.

Taco Party!

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I'm nowhere near vegan mysely but Taco Party is delicious.

There's usually a truck somewhere downtown but also they've a brick and mortar in Ball Sq. in Somerville.

True Bistro

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In somerville. Its pretty schmancy, expensive, but if youre looking for frufru, its good. Nice for a splurge every once in a very long while.

Good and bad at Clover Fast Food

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For all its good qualities Clover Fast Food fails customers services, excessive noise levels you can’t carry on a conversation to place an order and blaring music. No receipt to verify charges at point of sale. Leaky bags, Leaky containers for takeout

see also

I've only been to the Harvard

I've only been to the Harvard Square location and I would agree on the take out portion (that location at the time did not seem to have the other issues mentioned.) I did take out from there once and it was a complete disaster when I got back to my office three blocks away. From that point forward I only would order it for their patio or in restaurant eating.

I would add Fusion Food in

I would add Fusion Food in Chelsea (they are in the process of moving but will be open again in November) has a mostly vegetarian menu. While they do not advertise as vegetarian (the same way that Clover never quite mentions it) most of their dishes are meat free. Thai/Italian fusion cuisine.

In regards to the Cambridge area I always enjoyed Veggie Galaxy in Central Square and if it is still there Veggie Planet in Harvard Square has a funky vibe to it.

Sadly, Veggie Planet closed

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Sadly, Veggie Planet closed in 2014. It was such a fun (though often dysfunctional) place to work at, truly a haven amongst all the shitty service jobs out there. Also, when I went vegetarian, I had my first veg meal there, probably 2003? Rest in Pizza, Veggie Planet!

Haley House in Dudley had a few VP menu items (if I recall correctly, the Portobello Redhead and my favorite, Henry's Dinner) for a time, but I am unsure if they still do. They have some creative veg items on the menu at their newer restaurant, Dudley Dough.

And luckily, Veggie Galaxy is still going strong in Central Square!

Also, Lucy Ethiopian Cafe has (Symphony Plaza towers on Mass Ave) has vegan and vegetarian options.