Alcoholic whipped cream

Laura Alix asks:

Does anybody know, with 100% certainty, where I can buy alcoholic whipped cream in Boston? This has been surprisingly difficult to find! Would like to hear from somebody who's managed to procure it before.




Some answers via Twitter

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Temperance Brands ? Has the

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Temperance Brands ? Has the entire world gone full Orwellian ? If the question about spiked dessert topping is'nt dissapointing enough to read, seeing a repost here of a tweet by a vested third party with such a bizarro name sure is.

I feel like this stuff was

I feel like this stuff was everywhere like 5 years ago, but I haven't seen it since then. Did it get banned or did the fad just wear off?

I only had it once at a

I only had it once at a Halloween party, but the packaging looked like this if I remember correctly:

Doing some quick googling, it seems like Cream and Whipped Lightning are (were?) the big players.

"100% certainty" is tough

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"100% certainty" is tough

You see a lot of things in the large stores that are "Bailey's flavor" or "Kahlua flavor" but don't seem to have the actual alcoholic product.

100% certainly

The answer would appear to be no. And a lot of people who post here are answering even though they do not really know.

Possibly the worst alcoholic

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Possibly the worst alcoholic ... substance ... (colloidal foam?) I've ever tried. The predominant flavor was some sort of chemical stabilizer. It was if you took everything good about Kool-Whhhip (already short list) and replaced it with bug spray. Oh and on something hot it melts into its constituent parts, leaving a greasy pool on your drink.

4 stars, would buy again.

Make your own. It's easy

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Make your own. It's easy peasy. Whipping cream, powdered sugar & then whatever booze you want to add (I'd still add a bit of vanilla extract)

If I wasn't so tied-up this

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If I wasn't so tied-up this week I'd dig out my mother's recipe for brandy butter (ya gotta love temperance/abstinence folks when they cook with alcohol - all bets are off!).

This sounds like a close cousin to it.


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Making your own was going to be (and is) my suggestion.

Oh, you kids!

I could snark and snark about the many variants of booze flavored like candy, desserts, etc. aimed at young drinkers who need to mask the taste of alcohol with sugar -- Pinnacle Vodka in its dozens of sweet-shop variants, Fireball (posited as whiskey, actually just caramel-colored, renamed Dr. McGuillicuddy's cinnamon schanpps), Allen's coffee brandy (hello, Mainers!), boozy chocolate milk, etc., to say nothing of the lethally poisonous combination of energy drink and high-test malt liquor that was FourLoko -- but it would be slightly hypocritical.

When I was a teen, a popular reality adulterant was Tango, which combined the woody joys of rotgut grain-neutral spirits with the astronaut-friendly chemical approximation of orange flavor that was Tang. Blackberry "brandy" and syrupy skid-row bum wines like MD 20/20 and Richard's Wild Irish Rose were also popular. Glass houses. The liquor industry merely got more sophisticated and serious about targeting the yout's, and nobody squawked about it the way we did with Joe Camel.

Most dumb young drinkers like my former self eventually make the connection between sugar-laden boozing and brutal hangovers, and graduate to the joys of balance and complexity: the counterpoint of dry, sour, bitter, smoky, savory and sweet flavors in their drinks. Almost nobody makes that leap to adulthood without some hard lessons. Horf down that boozy whipped cream while you're young and resilient, son!

You'll learn. The subtler joys of a well-made Manhattan, Negroni, Nick & Nora Martini, Jet Pilot, Ramos Fizz, Last Word, and quality-spirits-and-fresh-juice Margarita -- and maybe a good straight spirit neat with a decent beer back -- await you on the other side. You can't see it now, but drinking like a grownup is much, much better.

Listen. Sometimes, you want

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Listen. Sometimes, you want to have a delicious Hendricks and Gin, a neat glass of high end scotch, something you savor and enjoy and has a cost to match.

And sometimes, you want something sweet and cheap enough that it will get you fucking wasted.

"rotgut." Thank you for using

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"rotgut." Thank you for using this term. A term my late mother used and seeing it this morning made me smile. In fact, your whole post was quite the same sentiment she would have had. Happy Thursday!

1 shot

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Pop it into a pint of cider. Angry Cider

Better Yet

Throw a couple shots of Ipswich Golden Marsh Rum into any good fresh local cider, heated to drinking temps.

Will cure whatever ails ya, and warm up all the cold spots, too!


But I know with 100% certainty where you can be ridiculed for your taste.

Yeah, here. And the at liquor

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Yeah, here. And the at liquor store when you ask for it. And at the party where you brought it, if there are non-fifteen year-olds present.

Bukowski, however, approves.

Kappy's Medford

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Pretty sure I saw it there recently. My run-in with the stuff was at Porter Square Wine and Spirits or Downtown Wine and Spirits in Davis (my memory is hazy).

My roommate and I "drank" the entire canister in a single evening to celebrate his new job. After the CO2 ran out, we decided to puncture the canister to get the rest out...Not our brightest move. The next day was in the top 5 hangover hall of fame.

God speed if you find it.