Best pizza in West Roxbury

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Best pizza place in West Roxbury?




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Ed. note: I suggested DeNo's and the Real Deal.

Fantasy pizza

If you could cook a DeNo's pizza in Bertucci's oven then that would be the best pizza in West Roxbury. Most places run their ovens from 600-700F. Bertucci's is 900F, which is how pizza should be cooked.... unfortunately they foof their pizza up with John Kerry ingredients ("Lovey, do you want the goat cheese and Sri Lankan tomato sauce or foie gras pesto with Balkan pule cheese?") . The old Mikey V's was the same exact pizza as DeNo's but the oven ran a bit hotter. That was pretty good.

Sad to say but it's Bertucci's

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There's no GREAT pizza in WR. My favorite not quite in WR is at Checkmate Cafe in Roslindale. Get the Santorini with garlic and sliced tomatoes.

Allow me to channel John McLaughlin

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The correct answer is-

None. All good pizza in the area can be found to the north in Roslindale. Tony's would be close to Roslindale level, but that's only if your desperate. The Pleasant is the pinnacle, but even Stash's has more upside than anything on the other side of the Parkway. Also, there are 2 Dominos in Roslindale, if you want chain pizza.

As a loyal Rozzie resident ...

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Yes, I'll take the Pleasant, but like I mentioned, DeNo's and the Real Deal are not bad at all.

What I'm finding interesting is that people have now named pretty much every pizza place in West Roxbury except a certain chain outlet on VFW Parkway. Has the "Chestnut Hill" branding finally worked and people no longer realize that's West Roxbury, or is it the pizza?


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Well, there's A&N but that barely qualifies as pizza. And when did Christo's close?
I agree that the Real Deal makes a pretty good pizza. I haven't had DeNo's in probably 20+ years, but I seem to remember it being pretty good, though I thought they were known for their subs.

Edit: I'll never understand the love for the Pleasant pizza. It's a cool place but the pizza is just ok.

Perhaps it was just an off day.

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The last time I tried a slice at the Real Deal I was not impressed. The crust was so thin and soggy that I could hardly eat the thing. I don't think I would return.

Real Deal has slices?

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Stopped in with a friend some years ago on a Friday night for a couple slices and we were told that they didn't do slices on Friday nights because they were too busy. We said "You don't do slices!?" and the woman behind us heard and asked too as she wanted a couple to take home to her kids. ep. The clerk repeated herself that they don't do slices. We all left empty handed.

I've said no to Real Deal pizza since, so I've never had it.

West Napoli is my WR pizza.


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I believe Kevin from 'the Office' said it best when he said 'it tastes like a hot circle of garbage'

The worst.

I like West Napoli's pizza,

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but I need to try Tony's, Target and Sta$h'$, in that order.

Forget Comella's. The $4.99 deal is gone, and the pizza is middling.

OK add 50 cents

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They still have large cheese pizza for $5.50. That's still cheap, especially if you need a few pizzas to feed a hungry bunch. And it's not bad at all.


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Westie's (as we called it back in the 90s-early 2000s) is a reliable, appropriately greasy pizza. Also bonus - they are wicked friendly and will remember you and your favorite orders if you go a few times.

Best pizza WestRox

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West Napoli is great. Solid all around and the family is awesome. I'll go to real deal for a fancier pizza. DeNo's is the best for subs and chicken fingers, their pizza is meh.

None. Go to the Pleasant.

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None. Go to the Pleasant. Target could be ok but it always takes them 60-90 minutes to deliver so I have yet to have a slice of pizza from them that isn't cold. Maybe I will do pick up one day but if I'm picking it up I will go to the Pleasant. They are super nice but shouldn't offer delivery if they can't do it within a reasonable amount of time. Lucky me with my #firstworldpizzaproblems

Best Pizza W.Rox? Stash's on the line 02132-02131 line

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Sad most pizza in WR has become almost pedestrian. Most places have just cheapened their pies and ride on their regulars blind patronage. But I vote Stash's on Belgrade Ave!!! YES Honestly I was surprised that, that it is not "technically" WR. (Especially After reading a comment that said it wasn't I looked at the Street map to verify-lol) Shocking 'cause that little area feels more like West Roxbury-ish than the opposite Washington St. side does. Plus I always thought Bellevue Station was part of WR so assumed that little area was too! WRONG
I say we get a petition to re-draw the WR/Roslindale line to go straight through Stash's! that way Roslindale doesn't lose either!