Best watch repair in the city

I have a watch that has, so far, confounded most watch repairers. Anyone know of someone with the skills to defeat this thing?



I'll third Yuri

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He's always done good work - on time - reasonably priced. Per the above - our repairs are simple - but he seems extremely competent for more detailed work.


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I second Sean at Leo Carroll Jewelers in Inman Square, next to the S&S. Reliable, honest, and the prices are reasonable.

George Chapman DTX

George Chapman in the old diamond exchange building is great and honest. Fair warning tho, he does like to talk.

387 Washington St # 709, Boston, MA 02108

Inner Harbor Jeweler

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112 Chelsea St East Boston. Did a fantastic job restoring a 75+ year old watch. The watch had not been serviced since 1945.


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You didn't describe the object in question, but if Chris at Watertown Watch Repair can't solve it, I'll eat my hat - and yours.

srsly. He's fixed watches and clocks for me. Passionate as a dictionary definition.


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The only person in Boston that fix ANY watch is Angelo at A.Cohen Co. inside the jewelry building at 333 Washington St. Same time and go see him firts