Glass knobs

Scott Eisen asks:

Looking for leads on where I can buy (preferably vintage) glass door knobs in Boston.




Some answers via Twitter

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The only danger in going

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The only danger in going there is that you will invest 5 hours browsing and then get scalped when you find the single thing in the entire place that even remotely fits your needs. And no haggling unless you get lucky and find it staffed by the individual who has that particular item for sale. It's a lollypop factory.

Rare in Brookline Village

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Rare in Brookline Village. Formerly Village Green Renewal. Same dude, same products, new brand.

Doorknob Hobby

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        ( " there are a lot of people having a heck of a time trying to open their doors! " )

Thanks for sharing

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I loved this show. :) I needed something to make me smile today - Aunt Clara did it!

Smile and Swoon

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Aunt Clara and all the other characters on that show made me smile.

But Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), made me swoon as a kid. I've loved women who could wiggle their nose ever since.

Village green renewal

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2 things about Village Green Renewal in Brookline Village.
1. Their storefront on Washington Street is called Rare. They make those doorknobs in their basement and I believe they informed me they are resin not glass.
2. They have skills and stuff, but zip decided not to patronize them anymore because I don't like supporting a place where the owner treats customers in a churlish, patronizing and offensive manner, as he has a number of mostly female customers , including moi. Just my choice.

You're likely to find some glass doorknobs at the very fun Cambridge Antique Market. Plus, they have five floors of cool stuff, an elevator AND bathrooms!

Definitely agree with the

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Definitely agree with the Boston Building Resources recommendation. Love that place. Although it's worth a call ahead to see if they have any glass knobs in there before you head over--the stock is always changing.