Knife sharpening

Amy Clark asks:

I'm looking for knife sharpening in Boston, and don't say whole foods. Anyone know a place that does a good job?



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Greater Boston

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There's no reason for you to assume the question is referring to the City of Boston and not the Greater Boston metropolitan region.

Stoddard's doesn't do it

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Stoddard's doesn't do it anymore. Patti of On The Edge hand sharpens. This is very different than belt sharpening (like Bobby Mac) or machine pull thru sharpeners (Sur La Table, W/S, etc). She is at all sots of Farmer's Markets and Whole foods and other locations around the city and burbs. You can also drop off at a place in Newton listed on her site and pick up at a later date.


Follow up question: what should people expect to pay for reasonable quality sharpening?

$10 a knife.

A little less or a little more is standard, but expect about $10 (depends on size of knife and level of dullness, I've noticed).

It's pretty funny to see the

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It's pretty funny to see the person go "OMG NOT WHOLE FOODS" and then what do people recommend?

The lady who comes to Whole Foods.

Knife sharpening?

What an unusual question and strange thing to be posted by a "journalist". Slow news weekend in Beantown?

And yet

You clicked on it, read it, and commented on it.

You must be new here. This is what Adam does.

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I don't really care either as I sip on a espresso martini. :-!

What an unusual comment

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Seriously? You took the time to post your "thoughts" on one of the question posts I've been putting up for years now? You have that little going on in your life that you had the time to do this? Sad.

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Not unusual at all

This is a community; people ask questions, either here or on twitter about services all the time.

Wait until you see the French Toast Alerts.

[I have the feeling, with your handle, you're trying to start a fight. Sorry, nobody cares that much. We got knives that need sharpening and weird ingredients to obtain.]

I think you need this service

If you are asking questions like this after being around a couple of years, perhaps you should take note?.

Some traditional saying about sharpest knives and drawers ...

Not sure if they read this...

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(As opposed to just checking twitter replies)

But there's a person/company that does knife sharpening at farmers markets around town. I've seen them at Union Square's market on Saturdays during the spring-fall. I'm sure they also offer it during the winter farmers market as well. I've noticed a lot of the same vendors frequent the other markets you can find around other communities throughout the area, too, so if you just pack up the knives you want sharpened, you'd probably have decent luck. Unfortunately, I can't say I know what they charge though.

As far as what I do, I just bought a couple of different steels to use with varying coarseness. I'd rather make the investment than pay ad-hoc when the time came about.

Old Boston

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I know this post is of no help to someone who needs knives sharpened now, but I get nostalgic for the long gone places that were so colorful and Gave Boston such character. Like the old Stoddard's Cutlery on Temple Place. I know they sold cutlery, but I think they sharpened it too. One always had a place to go when one needed something done, and it seemed like the places had been around forever. Now we have "high end retail" places which are essentially useless.

Local Knife Sharpening at Kitchenwares

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Kitchenware at 215 Newbury Street-it's where both the Chefs and locals go. Overnight service done in house, $7 for an 8" Chef's knife, $5 for a paring knife. They do serrated and shears too and can fix broken tips and big chips.

Kitchenwitch in JP. About 3

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Kitchenwitch in JP. About 3 bucks a knife. Did such a good job I cut myself washing them and had to get 3 stitches in my hand.

Patti who owns the mobile

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Patti who owns the mobile knife sharpening called On the Edge. I own several Japanese knives and she is the only one I would ever trust to sharpen them. 5 star rating!!


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Thanks all! These are great suggestions!