Mystery bags of dog poop

Matt Karolian asks:

Someone keeps leaving bags of dog poop in the street outside our house. What are the best means of catching the poopetrator?



Can confirm

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In spite of the town laws that every house must have an off street parking spot for overnights, many Brookline residents very firmly believe they own the rights to the spot in front of their house. Like, not even in an aggressive way but rather in a 'oh I'm sure it was an accident due to your ignorance but I have to point out that you've parked in my spot.' kind of way.


a person is going around bagging poop that was left unattended and then leaving it on the walkways/cars

if i was going to leave shit in a bag on a car, i certainly wouldn't bother bagging it to begin with if it was my dog. but if i was trying to clean up the sidewalks i might consider leaving it on residents cars.


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if i was going to leave shit in a bag on a car, i certainly wouldn't bother bagging it to begin with if it was my dog

So, you would just pick it up by hand and place it on someone's car?

well frankly

i have no aversions to handling feces manually, but my point is if you're going to leave shit on a persons car in a bag, why bother putting it in a bag to begin with? if its your dog, you just leave it on the sidewalk/street/whatever. its an extra step to bag it and if you would discard it so rudely you probably dont care if there is shit on the sidewalk.

the act of bagging it & placing it in such a visible area, to me, suggests the bagger isn't holding the leashes that lead to the buttholes

The purpose of bagging it up

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The purpose of bagging it up is probably to sanctimoniously remind people they're supposed to bag up their own dogshit.

Also Roslindale

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Same thing in front of my house. I was convinced that someone was upset with my neighbor or that somehow the dog mafia found out that I am a cat person

Better yet

Get an old garbage can, save the special packages, and then dump them on their front walk and set it alight.

Can't learn your lesson if you are dead.

Speaking from experience: I

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Speaking from personal experience: I live on a street corner that has its fair share of trouble, big and small, and I also do some property management in my area.

Among other surveillance hardware, I have a Dropcam by Nest. It has a good quality picture and does help in figuring out who did what misdeed. But it’s not cheap ($200 + $100/year for storage) and installing it properly can be trickier than expected; you have to find the right place to put it with the right angle, lighting, bring a small power cord to it, and most importantly, have really good WIFI reception or it won’t work. You also don’t want to freak out your neighbors with it. And then it can still take a surprising amount of time to figure out an incident from footage alone with no guarantee that you’ll be able to ID the offender or do much about it. I only bother reviewing the footage when it’s a serious incident. I have also had success by leaving a polite handwritten sign where I find repeat poop such as: "Please respect your neighbors; always pick up after your dog. Thank You :)". No matter how irritated I am, I don't leave a nasty or sarcastic note as it may only serve to increase the hostility of the perp and I don’t want to look like a crank. Over time, I realized that my time was much better invested in getting to know, befriending and helping out my neighbors than reviewing surveillance footage. I know it’s frustrating, but if that’s the biggest issue on your street, you may just want take a deep breath (away from the poop!) and let it go. Most likely, the offender will stop doing this for whatever reason within a matter of weeks, or if he perseveres for long enough, he will eventually get caught one way or another. Good luck!

Trail Camera

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Matt - get a trail camera

Easy. Just do it by

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Easy. Just do it by comparison. Gather up all the bags and order them by size. The biggest sack of shit on the street is the person who is leaving these around.

Sounds Like Something I'd Do

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This is often a means of retaliation I think about for my neighbors who refuse to pick up after their dogs. I pick up after mine. Literally fists full of crap. Every day. They should do the same. Especially the ones with ankle biters who poop peanuts.

See this throughout the South End

OMG! I see this everywhere in the South End throughout the Eight Streets and Old Dover neighborhoods where I live, and it drives me nuts!. Sometimes the bags are on the curb or in the gutter, sometimes just on the sidewalk next to the building, sometimes within sight of a garbage pail. Who are these stupid, arrogant, entitled, asshats who think they don't have to pick up after their dogs and expect other people to do it? Every dog poops two or three times a day, so it only takes a few jerks to make a big mess.

They're just all the bags

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They're just all the bags that were there before the winter. Now the snow's melted and they're all over the place. Two things to give thanks for: (a) the poop is actually bagged; and (b) you don't have hypodermic needles all over your front lawn (or do you?).

My coworker lives in

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My coworker lives in Brookline and is now complaining about turkeys shitting on people's roofs because they are roosting in the trees. So now you also have to check your roof!! LOL

Why the bag?

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Well, as a dog owner myself, I make it a point to pick it up and bag.

But what could be happening is that the dog is taking a dump first thing into a long walk. I know my guy does it fast just to get it out of the way and not interfere with the important business of sniffing around. Could be that the person is bagging it, going on the walk, and forgetting to pick it up at the end of the walk.

At least it's bagged.

You're giving them too much benefit of the doubt

Could be, I've wondered that myself, do the owners come back and get it later? But in my part of the South End there are barrels everywhere, so there's no reason to leave the poop on the sidewalk to retrieve later. (Don't even get me started on people who can't be bothered to carry their empty plastic bottles out of the woods after a hike when it was plenty ok for them to carry it in when before it was empty.)

We have a neighbor who does that

Throws their poop bags into the courtyard outside the building I live in because we have a barrel for dog poop. They figure we will pick it up for them, and they're right because what else are we going to do? Leave it there and let it pile up in our yard?

That cat ...

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..well trained it's human on how to flush