Need a jeweler who can add links to bracelets

Does anyone know of a reliable jeweler on public transportation who is willing to add a few links to two sterling silver bracelets, as well as to an unusual, but lovely stainless steel and marcasite watch? All three items are vintage. They're a bit small, even for my wrists. Most jewelers seem to work only with gold. The one recommendation I've gotten so far is for someone way out on Long Island in NY.




Small Pleasures on Newbury St.

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I've had them do work on sterling before, and it was excellently done at a reasonable price. They also made a piece based on my design, which came out perfectly, and their selection of costume and fine jewelry isn't huge but it is phenomenal. Can't recommend them highly enough!

I second Small Pleasures

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I've brought all kinds of things to them for at least 15 years to have sent out for repairs - gold, sterling, antique, rings, bracelets, necklaces. If it can be fixed, they know someone who can do it. Totally trustworthy, I've never had a problem with stuff taking forever or coming back wrong. They do some of their own designing too, so if you need opinions, they do that too.

I supose there's some risk,

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I supose there's some risk, but consider shipping it somewhere.
Sounds like you might want home or apartment insurance as well as shipping insurance. No, I'm not an insurance salesman.


Seconding this. George resized my engagement ring and engraved our wedding bands, for an entirely reasonable price, and he was great to deal with.


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Try the jeweler's building at Downtown Crossing