Recharging a fire extinguisher

Alex wonders where he could get a fire extinguisher recharged in the West Roxbury area.




F M, ah say, F M Fiah Control

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Those fellas do mah condo buildn. So I s'pose regulah fokes such as y'selves otta have no problem with 'em. But, if ya do, y'all be shuwah t' let me know now, y'heah?
F M Fire Control Co Inc
120 Park St
West Roxbury, MA 02132
(617) 323-1697

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Griffin Fire and Safety

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You might give them a call he's always in the area-781-239-6047

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Not sure

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However, the last time I looked into this I found that it was actually cheaper to just buy a new one. Stupid and wasteful, but that's what I found.

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You obviously didn't take your own hint

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HINT: your hint was not helpful. Google is not God and loves to ignore small local businesses with esoteric specialties.

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I also have used Gorham...

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and Keane in Waltham. Keane comes out annually to my office in Boston; I don't see why they wouldn't come to a residence.

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There are no fire

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There are no fire extinguisher companies near the center of the city. I've spent way too much mental energy looking at the tags on extinguishers.

There was one in Allston that came up in a search, but when I went there it was just an office that didn't do any service on-site. Keane in Waltham was the next-closest.

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Ask the fire department

Walk over to the closest fire station and ask someone working there who'd they recommend locally. That's better then some random internet advice.

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Yes! — Some Fire Departments Might Even Do It For Free

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I can't remember whether it was when I lived in New York and/or Florida, but you could bring fire extinguishers to the local fire station and they'd refill them for free.

One thing's for sure: fire departments know a lot about fire extinguishers, and they're constantly needing their own extinguishers refilled. If they can't do it for you, they'll probably be able to steer you to someone who can.

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