Squid ink

Touka wonders where she can buy squid ink in Boston.




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Won't anyone think of the oysters?

"It's subtle"

Squid ink is used to make the black color in black pasta. I won't swear that I could tell the difference blindfolded, but I think it has a faint fish taste.

Kind of iodine-y too

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Didn't know it could be bought separately. I guess to make one's own squid-ink pasta.

Of course!

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Just next to the Squid Ink Block

Color-based substitutions

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1. Red wine vinegar for red wine.
For some reason they look almost exactly the same.

2. Piss for beer.

3. Pesto for guacamole. Or vice-versa.
Supermarkets do this a lot. Lime Jell-O will also do in a pinch.

4. Habaneros for strawberries.
But only the reddish ones; the orange ones are not appropriate.

5. Potatoes (peeled) for garlic.
Or hard-boiled eggs. But only the whites; the yolks may be used as a substitute for mustard.

6. Black beans for squid ink.
This one is especially brilliant. The audacity of it is inspirational.



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To make up for my snark I will add a useful suggestion. You can probably find it at Eataly, in the Pru, Check the seafood section.

squid ink

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If you call in advance, the Roslindale Fish Market on Poplar St across form Adams Park will get you squid ink. they always have frozen and often fresh squid. A great Greek family run business.