What's the delay with the new Silver Line route?

Silverline was supposed to go through Chelsea in 2017. What's the status of the implementation. Promises!





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well kinda. It was originally suppose to open this fall, but several items from Phase II got moved to Phase I (good items) so it is now opening in the spring of next year.

The delay is a good thing. We are getting signalized crossings, sensors, cameras, completion of Bellingham Sq Station and the ramp system next to it (to connect it to Washington Ave), and a whole slew of other things.

The only thing that isn't happening is the commuter rail station, which is in design right now, should go to bid this fall and construction should start in the spring. And its a done deal, we have a commitment from the state to have it build, with or with federal dollars.

Source: I'm a Silver Line Gateway Photographer (click here to see my last set), and I am constantly talking to the MBTA and MassDOT project manager)

Ask me more questions :-) Happy to answer.

TSP signals?

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Will the routes have transit signal prioritization, or will 120 SL passengers have to wait for 6 people in 4 cars to go the other way?


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Each crossing will have signal prioritization at the following crossings:

Everett Ave @ Busway
Spruce Street @ busway
Arlington/5th @ Busway

Each one will be sensor controlled so as the bus pulls up, the lights will change. The hope is it will be fast enough that the buses will not have to slow down very much to cross.

Cottage Street @ busway will NOT have a signal initally, but will have it by the end of Phase II. Cottage Street @ Busway is a low traffic residential street so it should be OK with stop signs for the initial opening.

Another intersection that will have priority that is NOT apart of the busway is the Eastern Ave/Marginal @ Central Ave intersection. MassDOT is re-doing that entire intersection with new signals and pedestrian access. This will give SL3 buses (and MassPort buses) priority thru that intersection.


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Outside of the scope of the Silver Line Gateway Project. I have mentioned it to the MassDOT and MBTA Project Managers I spoke with.

I know, I think that needs to change. It may be more of a BTD issue than a MBTA issue. Depends on who actually owns and operates the signal.

A Massport issue...

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Their streets, and their priority is truck traffic (so, all vehicular traffic).

One thing

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One thing that won't be installed by opening day is fare collection at the stations.

No big deal why.. except for once the T is going to save a few bucks. Since the MBTA is in the process to switching to a new AFC System (AFC 2.0 as it is dubbed), it makes NO sense to put AFC 1.0 machines at the stations and just do on-vehicle payment. However, all the wiring and communication equipment will be in place for the new gear when it arrives so it's a matter of just installing the equipment.

Of course this does not meet Gold Standard BRT (which requires off vehicle fare collection).. but I am told that SLG/SL3 would be the first route to get the new fare equipment, along with "all door boarding" when it comes.

They are still finishing up

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They are still finishing up the overhaul of the dual-mode buses. They won't have enough equipment to operate the new route until the overhaul is done.

This is also

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But I was told this wouldn't effect the route starting..


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Will the 114 bus loop at the new busway?

TWT Ramp

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Will these busses (and SL1) be allowed to use the ramp right before the TWT eastbound? The current loop around the haul road (after Silver Line Way stop) can add 15-20 min in heavy traffic.