Where to recycle plastic bags in JP/West Roxbury area?

I just discovered today that Roche Bros. in Westie will no longer accept plastic bags for recycling. Is there anyplace else? Online searching brought up Targets and and a place on River Street in Hyde Park as the 'closest' options.





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Shaws plaza in west Roxbury takes them.

Most of the larger retailers

Most of the larger retailers and supermarkets seem to these days but I can't speak to specific places near you. Lowes does, if the Dedham store is close enough to WR for you.

I've heard tell...

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...that even the stores that still take them just throw them in with the trash anyway these days. The bags just aren't very in-demand or valuable to recycling companies.

Stop and Shop send them on

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Stop and Shop send them on the truck back along with all the pallets to be reused.


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I thought Boston stopped specifying what could be put in recycling as far as plastic types and such and that plastic bags could be recycled in the normal, curbside bins along with anything with the plastic or metal recycling symbol, and all cardboard/paper as well. Is that not the case?

I thought there was a state

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I thought there was a state law that all grocery stores over a certain size need to accept plastic bags for recycling. But googling only finds laws about towns that have banned stores from *giving out* bags.

Does anyone know if this law exists?

This was my understanding as well

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In fact I thought the law was the only reason that every supermarket that gives out those bags offers a receptacle for their recycling. Which sometimes is in a weird, hard-to-find location