Where to watch James Comey's testimony

Mark Richmond asks about the Thursday-morning testimony:

Suggestions needed on where to watch Thursday's Comey hearings in Boston sure to be epic.


The RMV while waiting for their computers to work

Comey's testimony is going to be lackluster. He isn't going to say anything that he hasn't said already. The juice is in his memos which aren't being released nor will he discuss. You'd be better off going outside and enjoying perhaps the only nice day this week.

If by 'epic' you mean like

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If by 'epic' you mean like watching paint dry, I suggest the comfort of your own living room.


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It's a waste of time to watch it on TV. Just read the web for summary/highlights afterward and I'm sure a website will have the transcript.

Politics as sport.

Are we going to have watching parties like the Super Bowl?

Anyway, DVR it and watch it when you get home. Or later in the evening on the Internet, CSPAN will have it all.

CSPAN's YouTube channel will

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CSPAN's YouTube channel will play it live. Later tomorrow night the CSPAN website should have the video with an interactive, indexed transcript making it easier to seek/skip to the interesting parts.

CSPAN is the only way to watch.

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No talking heads.

Senator: Please state your name for the record.
Comey: James B. Comey Jr.
Talking head: We believe that Mr. Comey has just stated his name.

Your living room

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Seriously? You think this is entertainment or something? Depending on what comes out - this is pretty serious stuff. No matter the outcome, nobody wins, most of all the country.


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If what Comey says doesn't lead directly to impeachment then Dems and the media lose. It's all they've been clamoring on about now for months. No one will trust the media again again.


If Comey keeps his powder dry, Muller's investgation magically disappears. That's exactly how it works!

Directly to impeachment indeed!

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This anon is right. I've been saying all week at all the liberal clade meetings that Comey will give us impeachment by saying a few key coded phrases that the Democrats on the committee will trigger on leading to the slaughter of all the Republicans in the House...even though it's a Senate hearing! Amazing! And then we'll have impeachment...and tea and crumpets.

But lo, if this foretelling doesn't come to pass. If the code words aren't said. If Comey clams up. Impeachment will never have any other chance ever again. This is the only chance we have of the uprising. Oh well, there's always next season.


I heard he just needs to say "beetlejuice" three times in a row.

My suggestion

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If he has the morning off, he should watch it at home, in front of the TV.

I also don't think it will be "epic."

I suggest...

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I suggest you watch him in your socks
I suggest you watch him with a fox
I suggest you watch him on your phone
In an elevator all alone
I suggest you watch him eating grapes
Or listen to it on cassette tapes
I suggest you listen to it on NPR
Perhaps when driving slightly far...

This has zero to do with

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This has zero to do with Boston and is only designed to start yet another uhub one sided political battle

I'm not that subtle

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If the post were something like "Hey, Comey on Thursday, get the popcorn!" then, yeah.

But I actually got asked by somebody where he could watch the thing. In Boston. That's a Boston thing to me.

Perhaps this request was triggered

by reports that several DC bars are opening early (9 0r 9:30 a.m.) for the hearing, boasting multiple tv screens and featuring deals on Moscow Mules, vodka flights, White Russians etc. plus themed offerings like FBI fries and, in one case, the "Covfefe Cocktail". A responder to one bar's twitter annnouncement pointed out that he, like most of DC, would be drinking at his desk.

The sportsball is a different thing

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All I can say is that every time I start drinking beer when I go to City Council meetings, some killjoy security guard gets all in my face and is like "hey, there's no drinking here." To which I typically reply, "oh, yeah, well if the G-D City Clerk would just publish the G-D stenographic record of this M-F meeting, I wouldn't be drinking here, now would I." Then I rip my shirt off and say "I thought this was America."

Good times.

Well. Those who recall well

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Well. Those who recall well the Senate Select Committee's hearings some years ago (44, actually) know that the entertainment value can be worthwhile indeed. Whether it was Sam Ervin proclaiming that he was just a simple country lawyer, 1 guy on each side -- Montoya for the Dems, and the guy from Florida (Gurney?) for the GOP -- proving to his voters that he's impossibly dumb, or the laser focus of Sam Dash, the hearings were absolutely must-see TV. No cable then, but IIRC they were on Channel 44 in full.

Those Watergate hearings were the same time of year as now -- the days are long, so plenty of time after the day's show to get out for a bit of air.

Iran Contra hearings weren't

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Iran Contra hearings weren't too bad (fawn hall so hot)

My favorite part of the Bill Clinton House judiciary committee hearings was when the mic picked up some random guy cracking jokes ("I love you Ken Starr") while Mary Bono was heaping praise on him for testifying after eating a sandwich for lunch.


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Thank you!


10s... please explain.

10 Seconds

Go to google and search for "Boston Radio Stations". It's the first result.

Today will be far more newsworthy.

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I'm sure tomorrow's hearings will have a few key moments but the testimony today of Dan Coats very well could set this whole thing on fire.

Whatever Comey says Thursday may just be confirming what we already hear about today.


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Well, that was a bust.

No one can answer anything publicly so each side will claim a "victory" and this s-show keeps rolling along...


Your bar isn't open at 10? What kind of lazy drinkers do you hang out with? What do you people drink with breakfast? Coffee?

But seriously, try the Tam. Bring cash.

Yeah, that's the thing about Boston ...

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The Post had an article (which I'm too lazy to find right now) about DC bars opening early for people who want to watch with a crowd of (presumably) like-minded people.

That might not work here because politics is not our main industry, but even if bars wanted to open earlier than they normally do here, they couldn't, because of our liquor-serving laws (took a long time for the legislature to finally give a sort of carte blanche just for weekend brunch service, and even then, it's not automatic - a restaurant that wants to serve mimosas or bloody Marys before noon on Sunday still has to get permission from the local licensing authorities).

But that having been said, some local establishments do have licenses for morning service. The Beantown Pub on Tremont ("The only pub in the world where you can drink a cold Sam Adams' while viewing a cold Sam Adams"), for example, is open at 8:30 a.m. (No, I have no idea if they'll be showing the hearing).

When I worked in Harvard

When I worked in Harvard Square we rented out tents and got tv's set up to live stream the Obama Inauguration at the Out of Town News Kiosk (I remember driving around to all the electronic stores trying to find the right adapters for all the different things we were using) and everyone was so happy. Great example of people gathering to watch political history.

Now it comes to this. Trump promised us winning... sure does not feel like winning.