Women-friendly boxing lessons

Laura Alix asks:

Where should I go if I'm looking for women-friendly boxing lessons in Boston?



Some answers via Twitter

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Where do you live?

Grealish Boxing Club in Dorchester. A real boxing club - no frills, family owned, cost effective and will train you to either get in shape or fight. Martin is a real deal trainer and has several women that he works with.

You'll pay a ton at all the other gyms mentioned and feel ignored. I've trained and fought since I was 6 and I can tell you that Martin and his family are great people who will get you where you want to go.

Waltham boxing gym

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Sorabella Training Center in Waltham offers female-only boxing classes a few times a week. Very friendly and a great workout!

Boston Boxing

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My roommate actually just started training as a first-timer at Boston Boxing a few months ago and she loves it. All our friends went to her first fight recently to cheer her on. She says she's going to keep training there indefinitely.