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Lizi Bennett asks:

A friend needs a mechanic in the Cambridge area. Any leads?




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CarZone is just as good as

CarZone is just as good as people are saying. I would also suggest Foreign Auto Center on Prospect - they have always done amazing work for me and make sure to get the little details right, such as greasing hinges and replacing all panel clips correctly.

Sullivan Tire

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I've been going to the Sullivan Tire in Watertown Square for years & I've been pleased with them. They do all mechanical work, not just tires.


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CLM is fantastic. Have gone to them for years, as have most of my neighbors in East Cambridge.

CLM on Webster Ave

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Lots of good mechanics to choose from on the post, I would add CLM to the list. They've been taking care of me for 14 years.

CLM and CarZone are both

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CLM and CarZone are both great. I was referred to CLM by Murph at CarZone when I had a rare issue that he wouldn't be able to fix without significant disruption to his normal shop operations.

I still go to both CarZone and CLM, but CarZone doesn't do MA state inspections if you're looking for that routine checkup.

Never listen to Yelp or any

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Never listen to Yelp or any other online ratings for mechanics. Definitely go to Good News Garage, it's literally where the Car Talk guys came from and they take that reputation seriously

Arco Tire

In Somerville's Teele Square, but accessible to North Cambridge. Been taking my car to them for years.


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Arco Tire is the best. Honest service and great work. I moved out of the area but drive an hour to take my car there when I need a repair. Highly recommend!

Click and Clack

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I came here for the cartalk jokes... I'm very disappointed not to find any.