Red Sox

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Guess I picked the wrong game to start watching the Red Sox.

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Rowdy fans at Fenway.Rowdy fans at Fenway.

Fenway Park turns 100 this year. Browse some photos from back in the day.

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Channel 4 reports on the end of a Red Sox era.

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Our resident ubercrank declares he won't be happy until he can personally apply a paddle to the behinds of every single returning Red Sox player, and so buries the news about the return of Charles Steinberg.

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The Herald reports. Thanks for the memories, Tim!

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Fenway Pastoral has started chronicling chicken references in stories about the Red Sox.

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Paul Keleher made the trek to Fenway Park to watch the annual loading and departure of the Red Sox equipment truck for spring training.

Copyright Paul Keleher. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

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Scott Arfin was at Logan today when Wally helped Jet Blue inaugurate its new Soxjet service (see it larger).

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So there's that.

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NESN refuses to say if Jenny Dell's contract requires her to eat the disgusting gelatinous fried things served as food at other baseball parks.

By - 11/19/11 - 10:30 am

Casey Stengel and Joe Cronin

Leslie Jones took this photo of the Braves' Casey Stengel (on the left) and the Red Sox's Joe Cronin in the dugout at Braves Field before an exhibition game on April 15, 1939.

By - 11/11/11 - 2:41 pm

A report out of Philadelphia says everybody's favorite beer-box wearer is heading for the City of Brotherly Love.

By - 11/11/11 - 8:59 am

Joe Paterno just lost his job as an alleged enabler of a child rapist. Seems Tom Yawkey engaged in the same thing back in the early 1970s with the clubhouse manager at the Sox spring-training camp in Florida.

Via Soxaholix.

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John Henry

Oh, those wacky, fun-loving Henrys, whose joie de vivre is just so darn infectious, City Hall can't help but give them great deals on city property! Wouldn't you?

Or, as dvdoff, who spotted this example of All Henry, All The Time puts it:

By - 11/7/11 - 9:09 am

A Sox fan sent in this photo of Fenway Park on Friday to the Globe. Hanging among the other retired numbers on the outside of the ballpark was good ol' #7.

Of course, Carlton "Pudge" Fisk (#27) might have something to say about all of this.

By - 11/7/11 - 7:16 am

The Globe reports on the great deal the Sox got from Boston for using city streets

By - 10/30/11 - 3:38 pm

Not Coach Tito reveals all in a bittersweet ending of the parody Twitter account. Click on the link to read it in its original Twitter form - you'll have to scroll down a page or two to get to the beginning - or read the first reply to this post, where I've put it in a more traditional non-tweet format.

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A glassy-eyed, alcohol-infused Sox fan who had to be wrestled to the ground at a game in July after knocking a woman down raised the hackles of Boston Licensing Board Chairwoman Nicole Murati Ferrer today.

"What concerns me right now is the level of intoxication of this patron," she told Fenway officials at a hearing on a police citation for having a "disorderly, intoxicated patron arrested on the premises" at a July 27 game.

Sox officials said the issue was more one of general belligerence than drunkenness - the guy just seemed to have a lot of pent up anger and had been yelling for several innings.