Red Sox

By - 10/14/11 - 10:53 pm

When you own the Red Sox and you hear a couple of guys on 98.5 badmouthing you while you're driving around, you detour to the station and unload (good thing he wasn't on the yacht).

Listen for yourself.

By - 10/14/11 - 11:18 am

No, not Shaughnessy:

Brian McGrory really should never write about sports.

He really has no clue. He attempts to wax poetically about the time when the Red Sox were lovable losers, but can't even manage a decent impression of Doris Kearns Goodwin in this regard.

But ya know what? Time for something happy:

By - 10/14/11 - 7:47 am

You know it's bad when even Heidi Watney gets dragged into the mud (and comes up slugging; denies that rumored fling with Varitek).

By - 10/12/11 - 2:12 pm

Chicago columnist welcomes Theo Epstein:

Epstein, see, has yet to win a Series without a juiced-up middle of the order. ...

I want Epstein to succeed. I'd love for the Cubs to win a World Series just to see whether that indeed marks the apocalypse.

By - 10/12/11 - 7:36 am

The Globe details some of what was going on in the clubhouse as the Sox collapsed last month. Not pretty; give Francona props for talking, at least.

By - 10/2/11 - 6:05 pm

Or how about a commemorative beer cozy?

By - 9/30/11 - 8:48 am

Bruce Allen examines the delight the Globe - not just Shank - took in the collapse of the Red Sox.

By - 9/29/11 - 12:03 pm

Allen Rines reports Robin Young's segue from a Sox report on her "Here and Now" show this morning:

Well that's over, let's talk about sperm banks.

Meanwhile, what are the odds these bus ads will stay up as long as that Coraline thing on the Red Line?

By - 9/29/11 - 12:04 am

Because it was spread out over an entire month. Good God.

By - 9/27/11 - 12:20 pm

David Bernstein has been tweeting the wicked low turnout numbers today in the preliminary council races in districts 2, 3 and 7:

To increase turnout, Boston ballot should have included a referendum on who to blame for Red Sox collapse.

By - 9/25/11 - 11:58 pm

The bullpen held it together long enough for Ellsbury to hit another home run and keep the Sox a game in front for the wild card. Sign of things to come, or dead-cat bounce?

By - 9/25/11 - 9:36 am

Yes, let's all think "2004," shall we?

By - 9/19/11 - 3:37 pm

NESN points to a WSJ column that tells your 10-year olds to buck up and get used to how Boston sports are supposed to be.

If you are a 10-year-old Boston sports fan, you have seen remarkable, glorious things. You have seen two Red Sox World Series titles, three Patriots Super Bowl trophies, a Celtics NBA title, and a Bruins Stanley Cup.

But that's not Boston.

By - 9/18/11 - 9:07 am

The New York Times takes a long look at Ted Williams in 1941:

It is a 20th-century baseball masterpiece unlike any other, carved not across one World Series, one month or even 56 games but from April 15 to Sept. 28. Every single at-bat figured in the outcome, unlike when a hitter chases home run records.

By - 9/17/11 - 7:59 pm

Red Sox Nation, that is. Boston Police report arresting a Plymouth woman on charges she stole another woman's purse at last night's Red Sox game.

According to police, witnesses saw Margaret A. Donahue, 40, use her foot to move the purse of another woman seated out in the right-field area, then reach down, pick it up and walk away:

By - 9/13/11 - 10:33 pm

Yes, Tim Wakefield finally got his 200th win.

By - 9/11/11 - 7:36 pm

Peter Abraham offers one up, just in case.