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It's probably a good thing baseball players aren't hockey players when it comes to landing punches.Read more

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WBUR reports the death of Dick Williams, 82.Read more

By - 6/27/11 - 6:44 am

Poor little Philadelphia columnist (who thinks Bostonians pronounce "waiting" as "wahtin"):

The people in Boston have become obnoxious, arrogant, condescending. And those are just my friends up there.

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Joanna sums it up in her Tale of Two Timmies:

It was the best of times ... and it was the best of times. It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of whoop ass, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of in your face, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Unbearable Lightness,

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BosGuy reports the Red Sox have become the third major-league team to announce plans for an "It Gets Better" video aimed at bullied LGBT youth. The announcement comes after 9,000 people signed an online petition by a 12-year-old Sox fan from New Hampshire.Read more

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Hooray for .500 ball!Read more

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UPDATE: See, see ya, Sabathia. 6-0 does remove some of the pain of watching these two.

Watching the Sox on Fox instead of the Bruins tonight because, well, I'm not one of those fair-weather bandwagon pink hats. For some reason, they have Sarah Silverman on and they're making her sound like the losingest loser of all losers, ever. They even bleeped her saying "Masshole." Twice....Read more

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What's a big father gotta do to get a hug in that town?

Via KC Downey.

Youk, meanwhile, spent part of his day off serving drinks to Sox fans stuck in NYC....Read more

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That was one sweet pitch he threw to Kevin Youkilis.Read more

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A South Weymouth man faces charges in two states for allegedly trying to sell stolen Fenway equipment - and Dustin Pedroia's cleats - on a sports-memorabilia auction site.

Jamie Pritchard-Holland, 32, is charged in Boston Municipal Court with two counts of receiving stolen property, specifically, a 380-foot marker from center field, a home plate from the visitor's bullpen, the cleats and Kevin Youkilis's glove,...Read more

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The Legend of Jed Lowrie has collected more than 800 Chuck Norris-ish notes about the Sox infielder. All ad proceeds go to the Jimmy Fund.Read more

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Faced with a sub-.500 team, Beth resorts to other means to enjoy games, such as Entertainment Value Above Replacement:

As an example of this metric in action, Dustin Pedroia's epic at-bat on Monday night gave him a high EVAR, regardless of whether it led to a win.

Tonight's team EVAR leader never picked up a bat or glove -- but he did chuck some

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By - 4/30/11 - 12:35 pm

The Sox color commentator tweeted today:

I will not do Red Sox game tonight-except for a very bad flu I'm OK-my previous health issues have everybody concerned-please don't be-Jerry.

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