Red Sox

By - 6/24/12 - 4:55 pm

Last hurrahs are sad. Here's hoping he rips the covers off the balls in Chicago.

By - 6/11/12 - 11:28 am

A group of Kenyan students recently re-enacted the last two plays of game 6 of the 1986 World Series, and yes, OK, it is probably the single cutest recreation of that ill fated night ever, but still.

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By - 5/14/12 - 12:12 am

Sure, you've got your doubting Thomases, but ESPN is not among them. In fact, ESPN reports the Mother's Day game had one of the highest attendance records for any sporting event ever, in the history of the world.

By - 5/12/12 - 8:01 am

Boston Police report issuing a citation for "improperly made left turn" to a man who caused a minor collision at the intersection of Boylston and Ipswich streets shortly before 3 p.m. yesterday.

Police do not identify the driver who was at fault in a report longer than for most murders, but an educated Boston news consumer should probably be able to figure it out... Read more

By - 5/9/12 - 4:13 pm

WBZ tweets that Carl Beane died in a car crash in Sturbridge today.

By - 5/7/12 - 7:44 am

Each 17 syllables, of course.

By - 5/6/12 - 8:23 pm

What was it Valentine said a couple weeks ago about reaching bottom?

By - 4/22/12 - 4:01 pm

OK, it's because the game has been called on account of rain, but still ...

By - 4/21/12 - 8:00 pm

Red Sox beating the Yankees 9-0 in the sixth and then they lose? Yeah, April 18, 1950.

Meanwhile, state Sen. Benjamin Dowling of Pittsfield tweets:

Currently drafting legislation to make it illegal to play Sweet Caroline at Fenway Park when the home team has blown 9 run lead.

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By - 4/13/12 - 9:55 pm

Beat Tampa Bay 12-2, but Ellsbury could be out six to eight weeks - and maybe longer.

By - 4/13/12 - 1:25 pm

Root, root, root for the home team.

The Popeyes in Kenmore Square: Keeping Red Sox pitchers fed since 2011. Photo by Greg Schrank.

By - 4/11/12 - 6:31 am

Yes, it's time for the Globe metro columnist's annual fantasy-sportswriter camp, and this year, the focus is on how much he hates the 2012 Sox.

By - 4/8/12 - 7:24 pm

Guess I picked the wrong game to start watching the Red Sox.

By - 4/8/12 - 11:03 am

Rowdy fans at Fenway.Rowdy fans at Fenway.

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By - 2/27/12 - 8:30 pm

Channel 4 reports on the end of a Red Sox era.