By - 4/23/07 - 9:31 pm

Blue Star Cafe: I'm a fan. It's good place to go on Sunday morning with the little guy. We never have a problem getting a high chair. I haven't had anything but pancakes in the three times I've been there but I've got no complaints.

Romano's (the pizzeria/taco stand) I had the sicillian which wasn't half bad, steak bombs were ordinary at best. There's gotta be a better place in Rozzie. Full disclosure: I have yet to go to Pleasant St but I am looking forward to it.

By - 4/5/07 - 12:28 pm

Rachele Rosi-Kessel calls for parking meters in Roslindale Square and the next thing you know, Boston police are issuing parking tickets like nobody's business. Coincidence?

By - 4/4/07 - 11:03 pm

Kristie Helms espies:

This afternoon at 1 p.m. while walking over to meet a friend at Fornax for lunch, I saw two butchers in front of Tony's Meat Market on Washington Street reach into the back of a minivan and pull out two, completely skinned, lambs and carry them in. ...

By - 4/1/07 - 2:48 pm

What's the perfect accompaniment to some of Roslindale's unique cuisine? Why, the song "Roslindale" by the Rudds, of course.

By - 3/25/07 - 9:49 pm

The BRA is considering it. Rachele Rosi-Kessel, who breaks the news, would welcome them:

... Today, as on most days, the municipal parking lot was almost empty while the square was packed with cars, some of them illegally parked in clearly marked No Parking areas and one car parked in a crosswalk. There is even rumors that the "lack of parking" that some people feel in Roslindale is directly related to the fact that business owners in the square park right outside their own businesses! ...

By - 3/23/07 - 5:09 pm

Bet you didn't know this neighborhood had its very own style of cuisine. OK, neither did I, until I read the recipe for a great 10 minute meal using Roslindale ingredients from the Pazzo Books guys.

By - 3/18/07 - 9:21 pm


From the parking lot of the Roslindale Village commuter-rail stop today.

By - 3/11/07 - 11:18 pm

Aoooooooo!Mark O'Neill of Roslindale took this photo of a sign at the Arboretum today warning of coyote spottings in the Arboretum and along the Arborway and urging anybody who sees one (especially if it has an Acme rocket on its back) to call Boston animal control or state environmental police.

Coyote in Mattapan
Coyote in Arlington
Coyotes in Brookline.

By - 3/9/07 - 3:06 pm

The old garden shop on Washington Street, 'bout halfway between the Square and Forest Hills, is getting turned into Yucatan Mexican Grill. It's on the other side of the neighborhood from Yucatan Tacos on Centre Street, which features "Mexican food made by real Mexicans."

In other Rozzie restaurant news, Buffalo Bo's, which had been on Hyde Park Avenue, then closed, then moved up to Washington Street, then closed again, is now back at the same exact original starting place on Hyde Park Avenue, only now called just Buffalo's. Hopefully all that hithering and yonning has improved the ribs.

By - 2/28/07 - 9:49 pm

Man found dead around 9 p.m. yesterday at 63 Armandine St., Dorchester.

Four thugs got off four rounds at 337 Centre St. (Mozart Park) in Jamaica Plain sometime today before fleeing in a 2000 Honda Civic (Mass. plates, 13TB55). Nobody reported injured.

The two teens shot yesterday afternoon at Washington and Beech streets in Roslindale were hurt pretty badly - one may be paralyzed from the waist down. Both were shot from behind.

Coincidence? This graffiti showed up on the grates on both the Bani Restaurant and Dajajo's sometime this weekend or early Monday. Then two teens were shot right there on Tuesday.

What's it mean?

By - 2/27/07 - 6:58 pm

Police blocked off Washington Street from the West Roxbury Parkway to Beech Street late this afternoon as they investigated a shooting, possibly of two people, on Washington Street.

The shooting took place in front of a block of stores (Dajajo's, the Bani Restaurant and a laundromat) at the corner of Washington and Beech, across from the Washington-Beech housing project, sometime before 6 p.m. Evidence markers were scattered across the street in front of the stores. Police were also keeping people from driving into the housing project, although possibly to keep them from trying to get onto Washington Street.

By - 2/27/07 - 6:00 pm

Both shot from behind.

4545 Washington St.

More info.

By - 2/20/07 - 9:50 pm

Maurice, Roslindale's favorite videocaster, is back online after some surgery. He's decided to run for president despite some shocking news:

By - 2/18/07 - 5:43 pm

T ice

Boston requires property owners to clear the sidewalks in front of their property. Naturally, the law doesn't apply to public authorities, such as the MBTA, which maybe is why one entire side of Belgrade Avenue in Roslindale Square (from South Street to Corinth Street) is covered in ice - it's next to the T's Roslindale Village commuter-rail stop. They couldn't even be bothered to clear away the ice at the bus stop where seven different lines are supposed to pick up and discharge passengers (that's the retaining wall for the train station parking lot next to the sidewalk). Picture taken Sunday afternoon, several days after the nor'icester.

By - 2/15/07 - 1:56 pm

Ran out of salt last night. Just got back from Roslindale Hardware, where the clerk told me they didn't have any and didn't expect to get any until Monday. Then she started listing all the other local places that were also out - pretty much every place in Roslindale and West Roxbury.

They also sold four dozen ice choppers today. None left by the time I got there, so I got a metal shovel instead.

By - 2/15/07 - 9:12 am

All you far-western suburban types with your inches of fluffy snow to play in! Feh! Here in the Hub of the Universe, when I went to sleep last night, there were rivers of water streaming down our street and pools of the liquid in front of our house.

By - 2/14/07 - 8:58 pm

The sidewalk in front of our house slopes slightly. Deprived of any sleddable snow this season, a kid does what a kid must - break out the plastic toboggan and scoot down that minuscule incline.

Over in JP, Steve Garfield uses his cell phone to record some video of slush.

The Outraged Liberal was completely unsurprised to learn the B train on the Green Line was not running.

Meredith O'Brien figured that with a snow day in her town, she and hubby could sleep in:

... But sometime around 6 a.m., our kindergartener burst into our room to tell us that he'd narrowed down the Lego sets that he wants for his birthday. In July. ...

Alison Rose suggests a new set of dwarves for Snow White: Sleety, Snowy, Slushy, Frosty, Freezy, Yucky, and Doc.

Kelly: Snow day + bored girl = dog with painted toenails.

Jessica Heslam explains why local TV execs just looove Nor'easters.

Mike Hillwig reports:

... I came home from my doctors' appointments with soaking wet feet from all of the rain/snow/slush outside.

But now I have on clean, dry socks and a pug lying on top of my feet. They’re cozy and warm now.

Alyssa Boehm gets a workout:

... Nothing says romance like shoveling with your special Valentine. I'm sweating like a... well, I'm very, very sweaty. ...

Teddy K posts snow photos from Watertown and the Back Bay.

Flashes of Panic says don't diss the storm:

... I just came in from clearing our sidewalk, and let me tell you, I'd rather have shoveled eighteen inches of powder. ...

By - 2/4/07 - 2:44 pm

A couple of new restaurants have opened in Roslindale over the past two weeks. Neither is a chic Italian bistro, so we had to check them out.

By - 1/30/07 - 10:41 pm

AnnaB spends some time in Roslindale:

... My friend's place is the top floor of a 3 story Victorian which a porch. She has skylights and lives surrounded by various churches. Sunday morning, I was woken up by sunshine and church bells. Very Disney, no? Every block, there was some architectural masterpiece. The quaint little shops, the fantastic restaurants, and the small neighborhood feel made me fall in love with the area.

By - 1/17/07 - 12:11 am

Kristie Helms provides the proof.