By - 3/5/05 - 5:16 pm


Sign in the window of John F. Kennedy TV repair place on South Street, Roslindale Square. It's right around the corner from Wapo Taco, where they must have finally gotten tired of people asking them if they sold subs (they also have a sign advising "No Pizza!"):

No subs!

Apollonia is, I'm delighted to say, right round the corner from us in Roslindale. We were there for lunch today. We had souvlaki sandwiches, our usual lunchtime pick, which make a generous lunch at a great price, and chicken-lemon soup, which we all, including our one-year-old daughter, really enjoyed.

The people there are very friendly. It's well worth a visit for lunch or dinner. They are open every day except Tuesday. You can see the dinner and lunch menus, and other information, at the web site:


By - 1/20/05 - 8:02 pm

Bruce reads about an armed robbery less than a mile from his home in Roslindale and concludes it's Tom Menino's fault:

... Wake up and smell the donuts, Tom. The innocent people of your city are under attack, and have been rendered powerless to do anything about it - all in strict accordance with your despicable, feel-good, do-nothing, liberal la-la land, citizen disarmament policies. Way to go, jackass. ...

By - 11/10/03 - 11:46 am

What the natives call Roslindale, Boston's premier neighborhood; also an adjective for a person or place in the neighborhood. Not to be confused with Southie, Eastie or Westie.